Letscom Fitness Tracker ID132 Color HR Review

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Letscom Fitness Tracker ID132 Color HR Review Review Facts

Wearable technology has been around longer than most of us realize. If we think of technology as something that expands human capabilities, corrective eyeglasses qualify. The first glasses you could put on and leave on appeared in the 13th century. Much later, in the 1960s, math professor Edward Thorp invented the roulette computer he could conceal inside his shoes. It had a timer that could tell him where a roulette ball would settle, and made him a more effective gambler.

Then, in 1979, the clunky but wearable Sony Walkman made its debut. You may not remember those, but they were direct ancestors of both the iPod and, now, phones and smartwatches that play music. Over time, music playback and other wearable devices have become smaller and less physically invasive; at the same time, data tracking, memory, and personalized feedback have skyrocketed.

All of this evolution led up to today, a time when you can purchase a watch, for under a hundred dollars, that will track your metabolism, activity levels, sleep, and more. Today we will review the Letscom Fitness Tracker watch, from internet company Letscom. The watch is a durable and low-priced alternative to more expensive specialized wearables from companies like Garmin.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Comes in several color choices

Good customer support

Soft band and narrow face are comfortable for long term wear

The charging cord is built into a plug for easy charging

Charges fast, about an hour according to our research, and a charge lasts a week or more

Water resistant in rain (not waterproof or swimproof)

Large display, and surprising features for something so low cost


The band may not be the most durable (not hard to replace)

Heart rate tracking is inaccurate--even more than with other higher priced models

Data may not always sync with your phone in a timely manner

The Rundown

Letscom is a startup that began in 2014. Their catalog is small compared to other fitness equipment makers. Their offerings include a line of trackers, Bluetooth and wired earbuds, and resistance/assisted pull up bands. You can also purchase hunting cameras, substantial wireless devices that you can use to monitor wildlife or for home security. All of Letscom's products are low cost and durable, with few advanced features.

The ID132 fitness watch sits in the middle of Letscom's price range. It comes in the pink, black, blue, green, or purple band and faces outline colors. The closure system is a metal peg and band hole system, like a traditional digital wristwatch. At least some of the numbers on the screen will match the band color, which is a nice touch we haven't seen anywhere else.

Heart rate monitors are becoming standard issue, even on low-end trackers like the Lestsom ID132. Our experience is that no wrist heart rate monitor is 100% accurate. More expensive models will be closer, and chest strap monitors are almost completely reliable.

The ID132, then, is not a substitute for any medical device. To their credit, Letscom states this in their owner's manual. Since the watch uses an optic sensor, to read wrist pulse, it is more accurate than older heart rate technology. Letscom also states that calories, steps, sleep, and distance are not completely accurate either.

Like we say in every fitness tracker review, none of them are completely accurate. Calorie counting, especially, is a tricky algorithm for machines to master and is never completely accurate outside of lab testing. But a fitness tracker is still a good guide and training assistant that can help you build lifelong healthy habits with regular wear.

Tech Specs

All numbers for specifications came from either the Letscom ID132 tracker product page or the owner's manual. They are as accurate as possible. We have also included our own commentary in some spots.

The Bluetooth will transmit up to about 33 feet. With the watch on your wrist and your phone in a hip pack, or treadmill cup holder, this will be plenty. The ID132 does not offer ANT+ or any kind of GPS. The small, non-touch screen is something called TFT LCD. TFT stands for a thin-film transistor. The technology uses a series of tiny transistors deposited on a film, instead of using electrical signals to switch crystals on and off (this is how a traditional LCD screen works). TFT LCD provides better contrast and makes the face easier to read.

The band is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). TPU is a polymer or lab-created blend of plastics. TPU is flexible, comfortable, durable, and resistant to grease and abrasions. The TPU is another surprising and welcome touch on a budget-friendly tracker watch.

The wrist strap adjusts to fit sizes from 5.4 to 7.5 inches. If you aren't sure the watch will fit you, the best thing to do is measure your wrist thickness before ordering. The battery is a small lithium-ion type, which cuts down on weight-- the total weight of the ID132 is just .7 ounces or 20 grams. We've often said that the best fitness tracker is the one you will forget you are wearing. The Letscom ID132 fits that rule, looking more like a bracelet than a timepiece. The different colors make it easier to accessorize.

We talked about water resistance in the pros and cons section. The ID132 is rated to IP68 water resistance. That means it can resist water more than a meter deep--but not saltwater and Letscom does not say exactly how deep, just greater than a meter. The watch resists all dust. We'd feel confident wearing the watch in the shower or for lap swimming in a freshwater pool, but not much else.

Company Spotlight

Though they are small, with a limited product catalog, Letscom has a great reputation for customer service. We had to message an agent for a question about the watch, and someone got back to us immediately. In addition to chat messaging, you can also reach Letscom through email or phone. All products come with a 12-month warranty, but it appears you have to activate the warranty (for free) on a special section of the website.

Letscom also offers something we have never seen any other fitness company do. If you go to their website, you can apply to become a Seed User. Seed users are product testers. If you get accepted, you will receive a Letscom product of your choice to wear, review, and keep. Letscom is looking for honest reviews and suggestions on how they can better meet customer needs. Seed users also get to complete surveys, get discounts, and sometimes receive bonus gifts. We haven't heard of many other companies doing this.

We're sure every application doesn't get accepted, but it's worth a shot and you could become the next Letscom brand ambassador if you enjoy the products. You can ask to use and review anything Letscom makes, not just the ID132 fitness tracker watch.

Trackers: What it Can and Can\\\'t Do

Fitness trackers aren't magic. Wearing one won't actually make you more fit. You won't see an immediate shift in strength or performance, the way you sometimes do with specialized weightlifting shoes. But if you keep expectations realistic, commit to never taking the watch off (except for charging), and look at your data a little each day, devices like the Letscom ID132 will help you establish healthy habits.

Part of working with a tracking watch is accepting their shortcomings. Calories and other numbers are not 100% accurate. But they are close enough for you to make changes and let the numbers guide you. The lack of accuracy isn't enough reason to reject the product, and it is refreshing to see companies like Letscom being honest about their shortcomings.

For example, machines at the gym aren't entirely accurate either. If you run 2 miles on a track, then run 2 miles on a treadmill the next day, did you run the exact same distance and have the exact same experience? Probably not, but you got your heart rate up, built strength in your legs, and are light years ahead of someone who doesn't exercise regularly.

Your editors are huge proponents of walking or riding a bike to run errands in the neighborhood. We don't track and analyze every mission; the positive habit is the important thing. Wearing a Letscom ID132 or other fitness tracker will train you to make those habits, and it costs less than most bikes!

Who Needs It

Do you have an active lifestyle? Are you actively seeking ways to become more fit and work cardio into your daily routine? And are you okay with a watch that doesn't have a lot of technical features and isn't geared towards a particular sport? If so, the Letscom ID132 fitness watch will be a great investment for you. We didn't mention it before, but the watch also tracks running and biking in addition to walking. You can set alarms for things like going to bed, taking a stretch break, or taking medications. To get the most out of the watch, you'll want to download the complimentary VeryFitPro app to your Android or iOs phone or tablet.

The Final Word

It is refreshing to see a watch at this low price point that has the TPU band, TFT LCD screen, and smartphone notifications. We recommend this watch to all general fitness practitioners, in particular, those of us who make walking a part of each day. The watch can help you see how effective your practice is, and make adjustments as needed. There are things like move alerts, to tell you when you've been sedentary too long, but they aren't intrusive and are easy to turn off. If there are problems with the watch, Letscom will work hard to resolve them and keep you going. We are happy to review this watch and hope you have a good experience if you decide to try it.