A Breakdown of the Best Large Mirrors for a Home Gym

Updated January 1​, 2019

Where to Get the Appropriate Gym Mirrors

Gym mirrors are not just there for guys with big egos to flex their muscles. They are, in fact, a vital tool to allow people who are working out to check their exercise form. If you don’t have a mirror to check your form, your flying blind when it comes to assessing whether you’re doing the movement the right way. You do not want to be doing that. In this article, we’ll get you up to scratch with the best larthe mirrors to equip your home gym without breaking the budget.

The Quick Answer: Better Bevel Frameless Rectangular Wall Mirror

Over at Amazon, you can find some awesome large mirrors for sale that will do a great job for most Garage Gyms or dance studios or really anything that you need them for.

My personal favorites come from a third generation family owned company that has forged a fine reputation in the glass industry. This product is the perfect size for what I needed so I gave them a chance. Better Bevel offers 6 different sizes to basically cover all the bases. Click the links below to see the different sizing/pricing available:

You'll really only need 1 of these, unless you've got a really long wall, just one of these will be more than enough. The mirrors come with an easy to use DIY installation kit and really do a great job of securely attaching to the wall. 

Other, Cheaper Options: Acrylics

Marketing Holders Acrylic Sheet

If these options are still too expensive there are a few other choices that will make do. Acrylic mirrors are actually surprising good for home gyms and can be much cheaper than glass. While the quality of the reflection may suffer a bit, if you can't afford a glass mirror the Marketing Holders 12" x 24" Acrylic Sheet will more than make up for it.

You'll need to buy a few and put them together to cover a big enough area but overall this will still save you a bit of money when compared to the glass option.

Still too expensive?

If your budget is very low that it does not make it up to most of the large mirrors you have seen in the market, you will to have settle online, through Craiglist. Start searching for apartments, hotels and homeowners that are doing bedroom or bathroom renovations. Your main focus at this point is to look out for vanity closet doors or vanity mirrors. Both of these  possess a larger size and most homeowners in craigslist would be glad to give them away to whoever is interested in them rather than dispose of the mirrored items themselves because there is so much glass. An example would be the sliding closet doors. Most of them have mirrors installed at the front, so for households no longer needing them, they become a perfect addition to your own gym. Just remove the frames and you will see how it would be very perfect.

If craiglist does not provide any answer, try asking any home improvement center if there had been any customers that returned vanity closet doors or those that have minor damage, you can buy these for a huge discount. There are stores that do not give it to you just because you are interested. They are likely to make you sign a waiver that expresses you buying the product at the condition that the store no longer has anything to do with the mirror once it has left the premises. Just try asking them first if they are willing to sell you the mirror.

You can still find cheap and larger options if you opt for something that will almost fill the entire side of your little gym. In the US, many gym goers look for their very own pre-made mirrors that are sold in either Wal-Mart of Target. They are hanging mirrors, approximately measuring 12 inches x 48 inches, which you can mount them on your wall, side-by-side. The prices of each of these vary from quality, but generally they fall between $5 up to $25 each. It is recommended to buy the most expensive one, or just go by the not cheaper route. You will find these materials are made out of other materials and not from a glass. Try it out first by looking yourself in front of the mirror if you can see yourself clearly. You can also find the formulas varieties that are really made of glass, also inexpensive with their price. Most of them are thin, about 1/8”. They can be very challenging not to break because of their thinness and fragility, but when they are properly mounted, they reflect the same way high quality mirrors do, and at least there are not distortions. While these will work and you do not mind being too careful about these fragile mirrors, you may want to try out the next suggestion.

Try looking for options at different home centers or stores that exclusively sell vanity furniture. You can find some cheaper options that are suitable for home gym mirrors. You will find a suitable size of about 36”x60” at a fair price for such a large mirror. Has it mounted vertically, where the vertical side will be the longest height, and buy a couple pieces of these and mount them side-by-side. 

Hamilton Hills Mirrors

Safety backed D-I-Y mirrors provide you with an all-in-one option. You’ll find a large selection of safety glass mirrors on Amazon, but our favorites come from Hamilton Hills, another company that has been operating in the mirror business for three generations. They are based in Florida and have built a sterling reputation for excellence both in terms of mirror quality and after sales service. They are also market leaders in sustainable and recyclable production techniques.

Hamilton Hills provide you with a huge range of mirror sizes, shapes and styles. One of their most popular for use in home gym settings is their 20 x 30 inch beveled mirror. This mirror is available with pivot adjustable wall brackets. It provides you with a sleek, modern, clean beveled edge. The floating frameless design is very professional looking, giving you the commercial gym look at a home gym price. A safety vinyl backing pairs with adjustable, rotating polished clamps. These features prevent the slipping and loosening which is often found in cheaper brands. You will pay a bit more for a Hamilton Hills safety mirror, but you will never regret that investment.

The silver backed glass comes with polished edges to provide extra protection and a very professional finish. The glass is backed with security vinyl that adds stability and provides extra protection in the case of a break. Every mirror comes with metal brackets and slide tracks. You also get wall hardware and screws to give you the option of hanging with vertically or horizontally. Your purchase comes with a money back guarantee.


We were also impressed with the range of large rectangular mirrors provided by Gatco. This is another large US manufacturer who have been around for more than 40 years. They have a new range of mirrors that feature a patented mounting system which makes it very easy to install. On fact, most Gatco mirrors can be installed in less than ten minutes.

The built-in bubble level that comes with each mirror allows you to quickly and confidently install bracket, and the mounting system allows only one person to hang the mirror. All Gatco wall mirrors have a refined beveled edge, thick quarter inch glass and a premium silver coating. The hangman heavy duty mirror hanger consists of two aluminum interlocking brackets that were modeled after the French Cleat that features a built in level which ensures an accurate and easy installation.

Our favorite Gatco gym mirror is the 1802 rectangular flush mount frameless 31.5 inch.

Commercial Gym Mirrors

The best home gym mirrors are obviously those that are built for commercial gyms. They come in thicker, larger and are installed by professionals. These, of course, are a lot more expensive than any of the other options we’ve looked at so far. These mirrors are thicker, larger and more professional looking. Your price will also include professional installation. You shouldn’t rule out this option entirely. You may be surprised at the deal that a local glass company can provide you with. Go ahead and get three quotes and then weigh up the best one against your gym budget.

What to Consider When Buying a Gym Mirror?

When you’re planning on a gym mirror purchase, you need to know exactly what you need going into it. Here are the things you need to be clear about:

  1. Wall Size – You do not need to cover the entire wall of your gym with mirrors. Think about the areas where you will be doing different types of exercise. You generally don’t need to have mirrors in your cardio area but you will want them in the area where you will be doing your weight training. It’s also not necessary to have wall to ceiling mirrors – your really just need to be able to view from your knees to your shoulders. You need to make decisions about what sections of the wall you want to cover and then measure those sections so you know exactly what size of mirror you need.
  2. Glass or Acrylic – mot mirrors are either made from glass or acrylic. You will always get the best reflection with glass. The problem with it is that is not shatter proof. For this you need to go with a acrylic mirror. You will also want to go with an acrylic mirror if you want to get your mirror styled or shaped to a particular design. You should be aware, however, that acrylic mirrors are noticeably thinner than glass ones, with a normal measurement of around 3mm. As, such they are more prone to flexing. Acrylic mirrors are also easier to clean than glass mirrors. All you need to do is to wipe it down with warm, soapy water.
  3. Mirror Thickness – The thicker a mirror is, the stronger it will be. Thin mirrors, such as those in acrylic mirrors, are more prone to flexing. As a general rule, you should not buy a mirror that is less than 3 mm thick. 5 mm is the ideal.
  4. Installation Method – Remember that when you are measuring up your mirror, you need to allow a 2-3 mm gap around the edges for to provide a snug fit. You will also need to allow 6-7 mm to ensure that the seam that join the two mirrors is secure. Make sure that the wall that you are attaching the mirror to is completely flat. This is especially important if you are installing an acrylic mirror. An acrylic mirror can be directly drilled to the wall, provided that you use a drill bit that will not damage the material. As an alternative, you can use an adhesive to glue the mirror to the wall. Spread a thin layer of adhesive uniformly over the whole of the mirror backing.


The best large gym mirror that we have come across is the Better Bevel Frameless Rectangular Wall Mirror which provides you with 6 different large, thick, professional mirror sizes. Coming in at number two is the impressive range provided by Hamilton Hills, including their 20 x 30 inch beveled mirror, with its adjustable pivoting wall mounts and floating frameless design. Rounding out our top three large gym mirrors is the Gatco range, including their 1802 rectangular flush mount frameless 31.5 inch, which has the most user friendly mounting system that we have yet to come across. 


Our #1. Recommendation


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