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Editor’s Conclusion
If you are pretty serious about your cardio game, you may want to consider the Concept 2 BikeErg. What I love most about this bike is that it is much smaller and compact than other air bikes out there on the market, and it is super easy to move about your gym when you need to clear up some floor space.

It boasts a detailed and smart PM5 performance monitor that tracks pretty detailed information on your workouts and even stores them inside of the device to track your progression over time. If the sound is something you are concerned about when using a flywheel resistance bike, the Concept 2 BikeErg takes that into consideration. It has a smaller flywheel than most, and users are able to open or close the dampener plate to adjust the sound output, as well as adjust the difficulty of the wheel as you pedal.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features of this bike so you can decide if it is a good fit for your home gym!
Editor's Pros & Cons

PM5 Performance screen is Bluetooth compatible
Runs incredibly quiet
The aluminum frame makes it lightweight and easy to move
Incredibly easy to adjust handlebars and seat
The sound dampener also amps up the intensity


Hard and uncomfortable seat
Slightly clunky interface

Key Features


What makes this bike unique is that it is built with heavy-duty materials that are wobble-free, which really allows you to dial up the intensity with confidence. While other bikes possess the same level of stability, the Concept 2 BikeErg is a little different.

Instead of using impossibly heavy steel tubing that makes it impossible to move, this bike is composed of a lightweight welded aluminum frame and a set of caster wheels on the base that allows you to pick it up with one hand and move it to another part of your home gym to free up a little space.


This isn’t your grandma’s bike! If you are looking for a bike to take a nice and easy stroll to have a picnic, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed. This is one intense cardio bike that doesn’t believe in “easy” settings. In fact, it offers no resistance levels at all. The tension on the flywheel starts to increase the faster your pedal. You do, however, have the option to open or close the wheel dampener to make things only slightly easier.

I suggest this bike to anyone looking for an intense cardio machine that really works those muscles in your legs. Unlike some of the other bikes out there on the market, it doesn’t include a set of arm pedals, which means that it only works to build muscle in your lower body. Many users found that just ten minutes on this bike is enough to wring all of the sweat out of their body while building serious muscle in their quads, hamstrings, and glutes.


The PM5 Performance screen is where this bike really shines. At face value, it looks like your basic progress screen. Yet a deep dive into the advanced features of this progress monitor proves that is one of the most advanced monitors out there on the market. This screen requires 2 D batteries and is powered once the flywheel starts moving which saves battery life over the years. This screen is able to track your pace, watts, RPM, and calories. It stores all of this information in its memory and can be exported with a USB drive.

Another nice feature of this progress screen is that it is Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible. It works with most heart rate monitors and sends that information directly to your device. It also includes a BikeErg app that gives you quick and easy access to all of your progress, as well as provides workout suggestions based upon your overall fitness level.


Some bikes may claim that they are adjustable, but making even tiny adjustments is pretty annoying and time-consuming. One of the things that I loved about this bike is that if you have the option of adjusting the handles and the seat by quickly moving it along a track and tightening it into place. The clicking noise is very satisfying and ensures that your handlebars are locked in place.

Another thing that makes the adjustability of this bike unique is that it has a very deep adjustability frame. You are able to move the seat pretty high or low, and the handlebars also have a wide range of movement that you can pull right up to your body.


One of the very first things that I noticed about this bike is the overall size and build of the flywheel. While other air bikes have a giant flywheel that really moves the air in your gym, this wheel is significantly smaller. The size of this flywheel doesn’t affect the overall performance and difficulty of the bike while working to create a smaller footprint in your home gym.

If the sound is an issue for you, this bike is one of the quietest air bikes out there on the market. It is engineered to provide the same difficulty level as the larger wheels while moving less air. The less air that moves, the quieter your bike becomes. Many users found that it runs so quietly that it won’t wake up anyone in your house when going for an early morning ride.

It also includes a sound dampening plate that you can slide open or shut as needed. When the plate is closed, the sound is much quieter, and it only sucks in air from the top chamber. With this plate closed, it also increases the intensity of the wheel, making it a little more difficult to really pick up the pace.


The design of the pedals is pretty basic and doesn’t include steps to lock your feet in place. However, this overall design of the pedals is made to keep your hips in alignment with your legs to cut down on knee and joint strain. When your legs aren’t in alignment with your hips, it puts extra strain on your joints, which makes this bike great for a variety of users.

If you don’t like the basic pedal design, there are alternative options! This bike is compatible with many higher-end pedals from Shimano, such as the Shimano PD-EH500 Pedals. These pedals are super easy to install and provide added grip control for high speeds. Plus, they clock in at a pretty reasonable price point.


I won’t mince words here. The seat on this design often leaves riders a little raw. This slim and narrow seat is pretty stiff and has sharp angles that will leave your underside a bit grumpy. It just doesn’t have that classic bicycle seat padding you expect in a stationary bike. While this bike is designed for high-intensity workouts that lift your rear up off of the seat, I still wish it offers at least a little padding.

The good news is that you can throw that seat right in the trash if you wanted. It is compatible with a wide variety of bicycle seats, so you can quickly and easily swap out that hard and unforgiving seat with something that has even just a little extra padding. To save a little bit of money, I suggest investing in a bicycle seat cover, or even invest in a pad or padded compression shorts.


The price of this bike lies on the higher end of the price spectrum, but it is nowhere near the most expensive bike out there on the market. It is a little bit more expensive than the Rogue Echo Bike, but about half as much as a Peloton (plus it doesn’t require a monthly membership). When you take into consideration the heavy-duty build of this bike, as well as the detailed performance screen that tracks and logs your workout to give you a general idea of your progress.

Sure, the price is higher than most, but if you are serious about your cardio days the Concept 2 BikeErg is worth every penny!


If you are looking for a great cardio machine to add to your home gym but you are running low on space, the Concept 2 BikerErg is a great option. It provides a killer cardio workout that is much quieter than other air bikes out there on the market, and even runs more quietly than a treadmill! It is expertly engineered to offer a quiet yet difficult ride that won’t add additional wear and tear to your joints.

If your primary jam is weightlifting but you want to add a little extra cardio into the mix, this machine won’t add undue strain on your joints, so you can hit the squat rack refreshed and ready to go. I love that this bike has a small footprint and is composed of an aluminum frame that is lightweight yet heavy-duty. While other stationary air bikes claim that they are portable, it is often a workout in and of itself just to move it over a few feet! The lightweight aluminum construction makes this bike a cinch to move with just one hand.

Sure, it may cost a pretty penny, but I feel that it is well worth it in the long run. The sturdy construction is made to stand the test of time, and the quiet ride makes it a machine that you are excited to hop on to burn up some calories!