Best Back Massage Tool Review 2019

Updated January 11, 2019

Are you in search of back relief? If, so you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ll identify and review the best tools on the market to allow you to provide your back with deep tissue massage.

We’ll also give you some great back massage exercises to allow you to get the best out of your back massage tools.

Best Back Massage Hook

Self Massage Tool

Body Back Buddy

The Body Back Buddy is an “S” shaped hand held back massage stick that has two horizontal bar protruding from it. The bar and four other areas of the Buddy are fitted with firm massage balls on their ends. This makes the Body Back Buddy a great tool for self massaging the upper back, especially the trapezius, latissimus dorsi and rhomboids.

The Body Back Buddy will allow you to reach and manipulate the stress that has built up in your back that you can’t get to with other devices. The eleven knobs that it provides are far more than you get with other devices. This gives you so many options for self massage.

The Body Back Buddy costs less than half the cost of an average massage session with a professional massager. Yet, it will provide you with a tool that will allow you to massage anywhere, anytime for the rest of your life.

The Body Back Buddy is made in the USA. It is constructed from high density polyethylene and is guaranteed not to contain any BPE, PDBE or TBBPA materials. That makes this product totally environmentally friendly. It also means that you can safely use it in the shower.

The Body Back Buddy self back massage tool comes with a lifetime guarantee. The uniquely featured i-beam rectangular cross sections not only allows you to manipulate those hard to get trigger points in your upper and mid back. They also make this device a lot stronger than the competition. In fact, the Body Back Buddy has been tested to be 3 times stronger than comparable any other back massage stick or muscle cane on the market.

The eleven ergonomically placed massage knobs on the Body Back Buddy make it the most versatile unit of its type available. This allows it to easily reach and provide ease to every pressure point on your body. With your purchase comes a comprehensive 12 page instruction manual.

The Body Back Buddy is endorsed, recommended and used by health professionals all over the world. It is the go to device for trigger point therapy, self-myofascial release and deep tissue massage therapy.​

Best of the Rest

backnobber Therapy Self Massage Tool

The Backnobber 2 is the best device that we found to help you to manage your back’s trigger points throughout the day when they occur. This simple unit is both an extension of your hand and a lever. Using this tool is like walking around behind yourself and pressing your fingers or knuckle deep into the knot that is causing your pain. The lever action of the Backnobber 2’s specially engineered “s” curve allows for deep sustained pressure that will help treat the trigger point that is causing your pain.

The Backnobber 2 breaks down into two separate pieces. This makes it easy to transport or to throw into your gym bag. On each end of the “S” shape is a firm massage ball. If you have a kink in your neck or back you simply wrap the device over your shoulder, locate the spot where the pain is originating, and use your hand on the front portion of the “S” to manipulate the trigger point.

You can also use the Backnobber 2 with a partner, having them hold the device and use it on your trigger point. Because the unit comes apart it can also be put back together in a “U” shape rather than an “S” shape. This now makes it a great neck massaging tool.

The Backnobber 2 can be used as a foam roller by lying on the ground with the device hooked over your shoulder. You can then use the floor to provide the pressure that digs the massage ball into your trigger point.

Regular use of the Backnobber 2 can help you to better understand the source of your muscle problems and help you to break the pain cycle.​

Best Foam Roller for Back Pain

Stealth Align Foam Roller

The Stealth Align foam roller is the ideal tool massage all areas of your back. This device looks very different to most foam rollers on the market. That’s because the shape of the roller tapers inward to a narrow middle and features two centre wheels with a raised ridge design on each. This gives you many more options to get down deep into your trigger points than you would get with a normal flat foam roller.

 The Stealth Align features a center channel which allows the spine to be controlled and adjusted while you are massaging. This is a key feature as many people with a weaker core area can easily go into lower spine hyperextension during massage, which can cause lower back pain.

The left and right sides of the roller are angled. This provides support, balance and the ability to perform additional exercises not only to relieve trigger point pain, but also to strengthen the muscles of the mid and lower back. The unique design of the Stealth Align also allows you to roll onto one side in order to isolate either the left or the right side of your back. The center core design can also be used to isolate and directly target other muscle areas, such as the calves.

The Stealth Align is more than a deep tissue massage tool. It is also an exercise aid in it’s own right. The channel between the left and right ridged wheels allows you to position your feet securely to perform such exercises as abdominal crunches. The foam roller can also be placed against the wall to perform a variety of core strengthening exercises.

The Stealth Align features a large 8 inch diameter roller. This is larger than most competing rollers and allows for greater flexibility and range of motion. This increases blood flow to allow for the rapid transportation of healing nutrients to the affected area.

Eclipse Roller

The Acumobility Eclipse roller brings a unique and innovative design to the foam roller market. It features a hybrid combination of a foam roller and a trigger point release tool. The design of this device sees it containing five unique pressure strips and four zones of compression. This provides the user with an unprecedented level of choice when it comes to treating multiple trigger points at once. You also have complete control over choosing the level of pressure to be applied and the specific area of focus.

The Acumobility Eclipse roller is 18 inches long. It is constructed from extremely durable non-toxic EVA tough molded foam and has a reinforced pipe core. While being just transportable as a regular foam roller, it is a whole lot stronger.

The Eclipse has five built-in pressure strips. When working on a trigger point in your back, you can target all five pressure strips at once or lean into just one of them for a more focused experience. The various types of pressure strips include a direct pressure strip for constant deep pressure on the target trigger point, variable pressure strips which alternate pressure as you roll and lateral pressure strips which target pressure from a specific angle.

In addition to the multiple pressure strips, you also get four zones of compression with this device. These taper from a wide angle to a narrow angle, allowing the roller to squeeze and release the treated muscle group as you roll. This creates a flushing effect. The four compression zones are:

  • Zone 1: 9.5” across
  • Zone 2: Tapers from 9.5” to 4.5”
  • ​Zone 3: 4.5” across
  • Zone 4: Outer end caps - function as a traditional firm foam rolling surface

The Eclipse roller tapers from a wide to a narrow angle as you roll. The smooth roll end caps allow you to do traditional foam rolling. This gives you the best of both worlds. The unique features of the Eclipse roller will allow you to target muscles that you have not been able to get to before.

Another major benefit of the Eclipse roller is that it dramatically cuts down your rolling time. That’s because it targets multiple muscles at once. Being a foam roller and a trigger point release tool in one, you can complete your back mobility regimen in a fraction of the time it would normally take.​

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Best Back Massage Ball

Physix Gear Massage Ball

The Physix Gear Massage Ball is designed to reach the places where your foam roller cannot. The unique lacrosse shape of the ball makes this ball deal for getting at your trigger points, acupressure points, plantar fasciitis, and muscle ache. The ball is designed to stimulate muscles, increase circulation and relieve tension. You can easily store the ball in your gym bag to use as part of your pre-workout warmup. Then after the workout, you can use it again for your post workout recovery.

The Physix Gear lacrosse massage ball is small, lightweight and portable. Still it is large enough to get into every muscle. This ball is also extremely durable. It will easily withstand any pressure that you put upon it, providing you with years of reliable service. It is also an effective way to relieve stress.

The ball is available in a lacrosse as well as a spiky design. The spiky design offers you the perfect balance of rigidity and comfort. They are not too spiky that they will hurt you, but have small peaks that allow a variation of pressure to be applied. That makes this tiny device ideal for myofascial release, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy.

Foam Rolling Exercises for the Back

Foam Roller for Lower Back

Foam Roll Lower Back

Sit with the roller under your butt, with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Now rock forward and roll from your mid back all the way to your hips. Place your hands on your knees and keep your core muscles nice and tight. Continue this gentle rolling action for between 60-90 seconds.

Foam Roller Back Stretch

Foam Roller Back Stretch

Sit on the floor with the roll directly behind your hips and your feet firmly planted on the floor. Now extend right back so that your lower spine curves over the roll and your shoulders are resting on the floor behind you. This will introduce a nice curve into the lower back, giving you a great stretch through the area. To make the move a little more intense, you can move the roll a little higher. Hold this stretch for about 60 seconds.

Thoracic Spine

Thoracic Spine

Lie on the floor with the roller under your shoulder blades. Your feet should be firmly planted on the floor and your hands on your knees. Now roll from your shoulders into the mid back. Roll gently for 60-90 seconds.

Foam Roller for Upper Back

Foam Roller for Upper Back

Lie on the foam roll lengthwise. Make sure that your feet are firmly planted on the ground and that your arms are on the floor at your sides. Now bring the arms back and up so that they are resting on the floor at a “10 to 2” clockface position. This will put your spine into a slightly arched position. Hold this position for 60-90 seconds.

A variation of this foam roller back stretch is to bring your arms down and position yourself a little lower on the roller. Now rock back and forth, going from left to right gently. This move is great for core strength and balance.


Throughout the course of our day, our back takes a beating. Most of the time, we’re hunched over some sort of technology, which puts the spine in an unnatural curvature. It is vital that we all do something daily to correct this, or we will be subject to chronic back pain.

The back massage tools that we have reviewed here are the absolute best products on the 2019 market to allow you to self administer deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and self myofascial release. If you were to get just one product to bring relief to your back, we recommend making that product the Body Back Buddy. This device is the most recommended by chiropractors and physiotherapists and offers more features and options than anything else we have come across. When it comes to actual foam rollers, the best device for the back has got to be the Stealth Align roller. And if all you need is a simple massage ball, the peanut massage ball is a small device that will bring you a lot of relief.

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If you're new to foam rollers, you may want to know about their use and benefits before​ making the decision to buy a foam roller that can give you amazing rolling experience.

Body Back Buddy

Our #1. Recommendation

Body Back Buddy

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