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Updated January 1, 2019

You’ve achieved your weight loss goal. The pounds have disappeared, but now you’ve got another problem. . . .

Loose skin.

How can you get rid of it? You don’t have to resort to bariatric surgery. Instead, you can use supplements to help you to tighten up and look terrific. In this article, we discover the 10 best supplements on the 2019 market that will help you to firm up that post weight loss loose skin.

A Quick Glimpse at the Top 10

The best supplement for tightening skin after weight loss is Now Foods Hydrolized Beef Gelatin, which features pure hydrolized, preservative free gelatin. The second best product for getting rid of excess skin after weight loss is Great Lakes Gelatin, with hydrolized collagen that is sourced from grass fed cows and contains 19 amino acids.

The third best supp to remove flabby skin after weight loss is Pure Hydrolized Collagen Peptides, which is a paleo friendly source of essential proteins for skin repair.

To make is easier for you to compare the best products to get rid of sagging skin after weight loss, we have rated the Top 10 on the basis of price and effectiveness and then given an overall rating out of 5 for each one. In the next section, we go in depth on each product.

The Top 10 Up Close

#1. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides come in powdered form. It is sourced from pasture raised, grass fed bovine hides from Brazil. Collagen peptides will promote youthful skin, healthy hair and stronger nails. It will improve skin smoothness and firmness, as well as improving joint health. This product also contains natural glycerine, which promotes healthy immunity and healthy digestive systems.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides is a flavorless product, which makes it great for mixing in with all manner of recipes. It mixes easily in cold or warm water. This product will not cause any stomach discomfort and goes down very easily. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

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  • Powdered
  • Contains natural glycerine
  • Money back guarantee


  • Hard to bend in cold drinks

#2. Now Hydrolized Beef Gelatin

Now Hydrolized Beef Gelatin

Now Hydrolized Beef Gelatin features a high dosage of gelatin, which is a type of protein that comes from collagen, which is, itself, a protein which is vital for skin health. When consumed, gelatin has the ability to stimulate the production of collagen. You get 550 mg of gelatin with each serving of Now Foods Beef Gelatin. The capsules are hydrolized to allow for faster absorption into the bloodstream.

Now Foods Beef Gelatin comes in a bottle of 200 capsules. The serving size is 4 capsules per day. It is manufactured in a GMP certified facility in the United States. It contains no sugar, starch, soy, gluten or preservatives. Beef Gelatin is 90% protein, making this a great source of amino acids for muscle building.


  • Gelatin
  • Hydrolized
  • No preservatives


  • May cause stomach upset

#3. Great Lakes Gelatin

Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin

Great Lakes Gelatin contains hydrolized collagen to promote rapid cell growth. It contains a collective amount of amino acids and a high percentage of alanine, glycine and proline. This allows the body to repair skin collagen and tighten that sagging skin. The gelatin used in this product comes from the hides of grass fed cows. Unflavored collagen hydrolysate includes a unique combination of amino acids that can produce growth in healthy tissue.

Great Lakes Gelatin includes a high protein content, and has the ability to maintain and promote joint mobility. It includes 19 specific amino acids to restore bone density and firm up sagging skin after weight loss. This product will also increase athletic performance and sports recovery.


  • 19 amino acids
  • Sourced from grass fed cows
  • Increases athletic performance


  • Bland taste

#4. Pure Hydrolized Collagen Peptides

Pure Hydrolized Collagen Peptides

Pure Hydrolized Collagen Peptides contains essential proteins and amino acids that the body relies upon to build and repair the skin and bones. This is a completely Paleo friendly product that is free of allergens. This is a gut friendly formula which can be mixed in cool or warm liquids. It provides tremendous support for skin, health and joint fitness.

Unlike competing products, the collagen in Pure Hydrolized Collagen Peptides will not gel in cold liquids and won’t alter the texture or thicken liquids. It is sourced from pasture raised cows and is certified paleo friendly. It is unflavored, water soluble and able to mix very easily in coffee, protein, shakes and soups.


  • Essential proteins
  • Paleo friendly
  • Gut friendly


  • Unflavored

#5. Liquivive Collagen Protein Supplement

Liquivive Collagen Protein Supplement

Liquivive Collagen Protein supplement is not only an effective skin tightener - it is an amazingly effective age reverser. Taking Liquivive in liquid form allows you get 20 times more collagen into your system than if taken in capsule form. That’s because it no longer has to be broken down and absorbed. It is predigested and hydrolized in a unique and proprietary blend fortified with natural enzymes before bottling.

Liquivive Collagen Protein is a highly concentrated protein supplement, which contains 240,000 amino acid peptides per bottle. And it comes to you in a potent delivery system. It contains over 90% pure hydrolized protein concentrate, making it superior to whey, rice, milk, hemp and pea protein. This product is 100% guaranteed to give you the results that you need.


  • Liquid delivery system
  • 90% hydrolized protein concentrate
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Unpleasant taste

#6. Zint Pure Protein Beef Gelatin

Zint Pure Protein Beef Gelatin

Zint Pure Protein Beef Gelatin is a kosher certified, non GMO, grass fed bovine, unflavored beef gelatin. This makes it a great source of getting the skin replenishing nourishment that your sagging skin needs to tighten up. ZInt use state of the art technology to purify and extract gelatin from bovine hides and bones in order to preserve amino acids. This provides you with collagen from gelatin that is amazingly rich and complete in nutrients.

Zint Pure Protein Beef Gelatin is a colorless and flavorless gel that makes it ideal for adding as an ingredient in recipes. You can add it to your jams, jellies, desserts ice creams and frozen yogurts. Zint regularly lab test their products.


  • Grass fed bovine sourced
  • Kosher certified
  • Nutrient rich


  • Hard to melt in hot water

#7. BioOptimal Collagen Powder

BioOptimal Collagen Powder

BioOptimal Collagen Powder is a collagen powder supplement which is completely free of additives and artificial ingredients. It is sourced from the hides of grass fed and pasture raised cattle. It is also growth hormone and antibiotic free. This product is easily soluble in both hot and cold water. Unlike many competing products, there is no strong bovine smell associated with BioOptimal Collagen Powder.

BioOptimal Collagen Powder only leaves a very faint taste, making it great for adding to a smoothie or soup. You get 9 grams of protein per serving to assist in muscle growth and recovery. This makes it a potent source of antibiotics. There are no soy products in BioOptimal Collagen Powder.

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  • 9 grams of protein
  • Odor free
  • Additive free


  • Takes some effort to dissolve

#8. Health Logics BioCell

Health Logics BioCell

Health Logics BioCell is an effective skin tightener that contains a powerful blend of Hydrolized Collagen Type 2, Chondroitin Sulfate and Hyaluronic Acid. This combination is put together in a highly absorbable mix. This blend of potent ingredients are unique to BioCell. The ingredients are sourced from hormone and antibiotic free chicken sternal cartilage, which is an excellent source of all three ingredients and is very close to human cartilage.

Health Logics BioCell collagen is completely free of gluten, soy, shellfish, fish, egg, milk, peanuts and sugar. The ingredients are powdered and put inside a veggie based capsule. This product has been clinically shown to improve exercise recovery and to improve skin looseness, fine lines and wrinkles.

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  • Highly absorbable
  • Gluten and soy free
  • Hydrolized ingredients


  • Capsules are very large

#9. 21st Century Gelatin

21st Century Gelatin

21st Century Gelatin contains one hundred 600 mg capsules. Gelatin is an essential building block for the formation of hair, skin and cartilage that is found in almost all connective tissue. It is found in the majority of connective tissues as well as the skin. In order to address sagging, loose skin after weight loss, supplementing with gelatin is a very effective remedy. This product is completely free of additives and artificial flavors.

21st Century Gelatin does not contain any GMO, soy based or gluten ingredients. It is a very well priced product, which comes with a full money back guarantee.


  • Very good value
  • Additive free
  • No Soy or Gluten


  • Slight stomach discomfort

#10. Hydrolized Collagen Powder

Hydrolized Collagen Powder

Hydrolized Collagen Powder is a tasteless, odorless collagen powder that mixes easily in hot or cold water. Its odorless nature allows it to be mixed with recipes without compromising the taste. This is 100% hydrolized collagen sourced from US pasture raised cows. The collagen is designed to work alongside elastin to strengthen, tighten and firm up the skin. It will also bring relief from joint pain.

The powder comes in a handy resealable container that allows you to keep the product fresh. The product contains gelatin but, unlike other products, it will not gel up in your liquid. You also get a free e-book with this product. Hydrolized Collagen Powder comes with a 100% money back guarantee.


  • 100% hydrolized collagen
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Sourced from US pasture raised cows


  • Expensive


Our favorite supplement to get rid of loose skin after weight loss Now Foods Hydolized Beef Gelatin, with its completely natural, pure hydrolized gelatin. We also loved Great Lakes Gelatin, which provides top quality hydrolized collagen containing 19 amino acids.

Rounding out our top 3 is Pure Hydrolized Collagen Peptides, providing you with a paleo friendly source of essential proteins for skin repair.

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Our #1. Recommendation

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

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In this article, we discover the 10 best supplements on the 2019 market that will help you to firm up that post weight loss loose skin.