Schwinn Fitness A40

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Schwinn Fitness A40 is a no-nonsense elliptical machine that is designed to build strength and shed fat in a small and compact frame.

If you are limited on space in your home gym and need an effective cardio machine, this design is a great choice.

It may not pack on the extra features like some of the other designs out there on the market, but it provides just enough to keep your workouts engaging without draining the funds in your bank account.
Schwinn Fitness A40 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Small footprint
Easy to assemble
Offers 7 pre-programmed workouts
A low-impact full-body workout is kind to your joints
Precision Path Foot Motion technology
Affordable price point


No padding or toe guard on pedals
Short stroke length
Spotty HRM
No Bluetooth connectivity

Key Features


Ellipticals are a great way to engage the exact same muscles as a treadmill without the shock to your joints. If you are on the hunt for a great cardio machine that eliminates the impact made to your knees and joints, this design is a great choice.

Another great product we reviewed is the Schwinn 470 Elliptical, so make sure to check it out as well.

I often beat up my muscles and joints throughout the week of powerlifting, and squeezing in a low-impact cardio workout is a great way to burn some excess calories while giving my joints a bit of a breather.

Overall, I would classify this machine as an elliptical designed for beginners, or those that want a nice and easy recovery machine. It doesn’t offer the same level of intense resistance as some of the more expensive models and omits many extra bells and whistles in an attempt to keep the price tag low.

If you need a machine that offers powerful resistance for building muscle, this design may fall a little short. However, for general cardio training that burns the extra calories from the jelly donut that you had for breakfast, this machine gets the job done while keeping the price tag relatively low.


One of the best features of the Schwinn Fitness A40 is that it is relatively small and compact. Cardio machines such as treadmills and even stationary bikes demand a lot of available floor space while this machine is fairly compact.

It measures to be ‎59-inches long, 23-inches wide and stands to be 64-inches tall. When compared to your average treadmill, this design demands far less floor space and can be easily tucked into a corner.

What I also love about the size of this machine is that is it relatively easy to move as needed. Weighing in at just over 100 pounds, moving this machine to a new location is easy.

It boasts a pair of transport wheels on the front of the unit that makes it easy to wheel around your home workout area to clear up some floor space as needed. The wide and flat feel on the base of the unit also reduces the risk of your machine lifting up off of the floor while in use.


The resistance on this machine is good, but it isn’t great. As I mentioned earlier, this machine is geared more towards recovery workouts or beginners. This design offers users up to 8 levels of resistance, which isn’t quite as great as some of its competitors that offer up to 26 levels of resistance.

While the resistance levels aren’t as robust as some of the more expensive models out there on the market, it is incredibly effective. Plus, the flywheel and braking mechanism on this machine runs very quietly.

This machine utilizes a perimeter-weighted flywheel with an Eddy Current Brake. While other brands use friction-based braking, the Eddy Current Brake uses electromagnetism to bring the pedals to a stop.

Utilizing an ECB on this machine not only makes your stride more smooth, but it also means that it runs very quietly. If you love to get up early to fit in a workout, this machine runs quietly enough that it won’t wake up your entire household!


Even if you don’t really know your way around a toolbox, the assembly of this machine is fairly simple and straightforward. Schwinn provides users will all of the tools needed to put together their machine, and also provides easy-to-follow instructions to help you get the job done.

Overall, many users found that this machine takes just under an hour to be completely assembled, and most did not run into any snags or hiccups along the way.

However, if you don’t want to be bothered with putting together your machine, you can opt to have the pros assemble your device once it’s delivered. This feature comes at a slight fee, but it is well worth it. To ensure that your machines hold up over the years, it’s super important that it is assembled the right way.

If you are a little wary of your handyman skills, opting for the expert assembly is a great idea. Plus, it ensures that you can feel confident using your machine knowing that it was put together properly.


The display screen on this device is large enough to keep good tabs on your progress but doesn’t quite pack in any extra features.

While other ellipticals out there on the market provide some level of Bluetooth connectivity, this device does not. Without Bluetooth, users aren’t able to pair their phones to their machine to track their progress, and it also means that you cannot use advanced fitness apps such as iFit or Explore The World to sync your device with live classes.

I wish that this machine offered even sparse Bluetooth features, but the omission of this feature helps to keep the price tag low.

Even without Bluetooth, the display screen on this machine is sufficient to keep tabs on your progress. It is able to store up to seven different user profiles (which is more than enough for your entire household) and comes with 8 pre-programmed workout options.

The large display screen (that isn’t backlit), details your time in use, resistance level, calories burned, distance, and even your heart rate. It provides a quick start function that allows you to set your own workout plan, or select from a few different pre-programmed workout options.

This machine offers 8 different workout programs that are sorted into three categories. Based upon how you’re feeling that day, you can choose between Fun Rides, Mountains, or Challenges.

The display screen shows the difficulty of the workouts on the screen, and users always have the option of manually lowering the resistance if the workout proves to be a little too challenging.


This base-bones machine does pack in a few quality-of-life features that are worth checking out. It comes equipped with a built-in heart rate monitor on the small handlebars at the base of the screen that displays your heart rate.

Users found that the heart rate function to be a little spotty, but it will give you a general idea if your heart rate is in the zone. If you are interested in more accurate heart rate readouts, I highly suggest investing in a dedicated heart rate monitor or even a fitness tracker such as the Letscom Fitness Tracker watch.

In addition to the heart rate monitor, this design also provides users with a water bottle holder and a media rack.

While it’s important to note that this device doesn’t include Bluetooth connectivity, users can mount their tablets or smartphones to this device to watch Netflix or watch YouTube videos through the speakers on their phone or an external Bluetooth speaker.


While the Schwinn Fitness A40 may not have all of the extra bells and whistles as some of the other elliptical trainers out there on the market, you can’t beat that price point!

What I love most about this machine is that it is built with quality components that run quietly and hold up incredibly well over time, and it clocks in at one of the most affordable price points out there on the market.

If you are on the hunt for a well-built machine that won’t drain your bank account, this design is worth checking out!


Is the Schwinn Fitness A40 elliptical one of the most advanced elliptical machines out there on the market? Not necessarily.

It lacks many of the advanced features such as high levels of resistance and quality-of-life features such as Bluetooth connectivity.

However, what it lacks in advanced features it makes up for in the quality of construction as well as the affordable price point. If you want to shed calories and engage in nice and easy recovery workouts, this machine is worth a look.

Overall, I would recommend this machine for those on the hunt for a great recovery machine that is built more for weight loss and recovery than strength training. With only 8 levels of resistance, this machine doesn’t quite reach the resistances levels needed for advanced strength training.

It’s small, compact, affordable, and super easy to use, making it the perfect choice for most home gym setups.