SCHWINN Crewmaster Rower

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Editor’s Conclusion
The SCHWINN Crewmaster is a great rower for those that are just starting out, or for experienced rowers. One of the most handsome features of this rower is that it comes in at an affordable price point that won’t break the bank. It utilizes magnetic resistance that allows users to manually adjust the tension on the flywheel.

This style of resistance makes it a great option for beginners, and also runs much more quietly than other options out there on the market. It comes with a large LCD screen that details all the information your need to keep track of your progress (except a heart rate monitor), and it is able to be angled up or down to meet your eye line for quick readings. The handles, seat, and foot pedals are extremely comfortable which are perfect for those long rides.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that make the SCHWINN Crewmaster an excellent bang for your buck.
SCHWINN Crewmaster Rower Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Affordable price point
Magnetic resistance runs quietly
Adjust LCD monitor
10-year warranty on frame


Inconsistent resistance on the line
Sits very low to the floor
Resistance levels aren’t labeled

Key Features


This rowing machine utilizes a magnetic form of resistance inside the flywheel chamber. It has 10 levels of varying resistance that can be adjusted using the know at the base of your machine. The downside is that the adjustments offered on this device are that the resistance levels are not numbered, so there is no way of knowing how close you are to the maximum resistance level. This system works by moving a pair of magnets closer to the flywheel to make pulling on the line a little bit more challenging.

Magnetic resistance has a few advantages and disadvantages. First, the good news. This form of resistance is one of the quietest running options out there on the market. Plus, the enclosed flywheel makes this machine run virtually silently. The downside to the magnetic resistance offered in this device is that the tension on the line is a little inconsistent. You will notice a high level of resistance at the top and bottom of your strokes, with a little bit of slack in between.


The design of this machine is very approachable for users of various skill levels, as well as fitness goals. On the lowest setting, there is virtually no tension on the line which makes each stroke incredibly easy. This is a great setting for users that just want to get moving, raise their heart rate, and burn calories. The higher tension settings create quite a challenge and are great for intermediate users as well.

Plus, this machine is a great option for those looking to really build strength. Rowing is a compound movement that activates your upper and lower body, and the intense tension settings make this a great tool to help build strength.


While it may look a little bulky when compared to other designs out there on the market, the SCHWINN Crewmaster is surprisingly small. It measures to be 57.5 inches long, 10.5 inches wide, and 38 inches tall. While other budget-friendly rowers often cap out at around 200-250 pounds of max weight, this design is built to be a little more sturdy and can accommodate weights up to 300 pounds.

Regarding the overall size of this machine, there is a feature that some users just don’t like. For many, this machine sits just a little too low to the ground. The glide arm is slightly angled downwards to mimic the natural feeling of rowing, but for some this device is just too low to the ground. While it’s not a real dealbreaker and won’t affect the overall performance of this device, it is something worth noting.


One of the things that I really like about this machine is that it has a surprising amount of adjustable features. The most important adjustable feature of this rower is the foot pedals. The base of the pedals is able to be adjusted out to accommodate large or smaller feet simply by pulling out the central plate. It also has a lip at the base of the pedal to cradle your foot in place. It also has a pair of velcro straps to lock your feet in place for a strong and sturdy foundation.

Another adjustment feature that I find to be really convenient is the adjustable LCD display. Rowers have a tendency to place the display in an area that makes it a little bit harder to read, and the SCHWINN Crewmaster works to help alleviate this very common problem. Users are able to move the LCD screen up or down on a central track to help them find the right position that works for your eye line.


SCHWINN doesn’t skimp on the comfortable features on their Crewmaster rower. One of the things that users love about this machine is that it has a very comfortable and durable seat. This seat boasts a grooved finish to keep you from slipping and shifting around as you row, even as you start to get a little sweaty. It boasts an ergonomic design that contours to your body, and it is made from soft yet resilient foam that won’t squish down into a pancake after years of continued use.

It also has a pair of handlebars with an angled design that feels more natural in your hands. Many rowers opt for a straight bar for their handle grips, which cock your arms at a slightly uncomfortable angle. The design of these handlebars are designed to feel natural and are coated in a resilient layer of EVA foam for a secure grip that won’t cause blisters or calluses on long-distance rides.


This device is able to be folded up to clear up some floor space as needed. The glide track is able to be disconnected from the main chamber and folded compactly to free up valuable real estate in your home gym. The glide track on this device is fairly long (great for tall users) but it also means that when standing upright, this device measures to be over 7 feet tall.

If you intend on folding up your rower regularly, be sure that you take ample measurements of your home gym to ensure that your ceiling clears 7 feet. For garages, this won’t be an issue, but it may prove to be a problem in smaller basement home gyms.

I also appreciate that it has a set of wheels along the front of the unit that allows you to move it with ease. Even if you don’t fold it up compactly, the wheels along the base make it incredibly easy to move it around your home gym to find a perfect spot or to just move it out of the way.


Putting this device together is a bit of a challenge. It ships in two separate boxes, and some users reported that these boxes may arrive on separate days (which can be incredibly frosting for those that are excited to get rowing!) If you are working by yourself, this machine may take you anywhere from 1-2 hours to set up completely. Much of the time-consuming work simply lies in really tightening down all of the bolts and screws, so the second pair of hands will really cut down on time.

Some users found that the instruction manual was a little unclear and difficult to follow. If you are unsure of how to put your device together, your best option may be to hire the pros to put it together for you.


Sure the SCHWINN Crewmaster has a few missteps in design, but you can't beat that overall price tag. This is considered to be a budget-friendly rower, and the materials used and overall performance of this device are made for the long haul. If you are just getting started in your rowing journey and need something simple, effective, and affordable, this design is a great place to start.


Whether you are just starting out and want to give rowing a try, or you're a seasoned rowing veteran, this design from SCHWINN is a great choice. It boasts light and easy settings that are great for burning calories, and higher tension settings to help build muscle. The magnetic resistance runs very quietly, making it a great choice for those early morning rides without waking up your entire household. Plus, it boasts high-end comfort features such as ergonomic handlebars and a padded and grippy seat.

This machine suffers from a few missteps that aren’t deal-breakers but are worth mentioning. The overall design of this machine is a little big and bulky, and folding it up is a bit cumbersome and time-consuming. Some users feel that it sits just a little too low to the ground, but this shouldn’t affect its overall performance. There may be a few design features that aren’t ideal, but the affordable price point makes this machine worth checking out.