PUMA Tazon 6

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Puma Tazon 6 comes equipped with just about everything to give you a good deal of support and comfort at the gym. Whether you love zipping around in quick cross training sets and circuits, or you are a tried and tested powerlifter, this shoe gives you the right amount of support and movement where you need it most. In true Puma fashion, the Tazon 6 walks that fine line between a stylish casual shoe and a versatile training shoe. Plus, it comes in at a price point that makes this worth a try.

One of the things that I love most about this shoe is that it has an EVA heel pod that cradles your foot in place to give you plenty of support when engaging in compound lifts, and the outsole is slightly flexible and made to move on light lifting days or even cardio. It also has a lightweight and comfortable upper that keeps your feet cool and dry, while the detailed lacing system really locks these shoes to your feet.

Below, I wanted to dive into all of the smart details and design features that make the Puma Tazon 6 worth checking out.
PUMA Tazon 6 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Available in many colors and prints
Heel saddle cups your foot for compound lifts
Lightweight and breathable upper
Memory foam removable sock liner
Fits true to size
Great for powerlifting or snappy circuits
Very affordable


Limited durability
Some find the heel collar is too shallow

Key Features


Many cross-trainers struggle with providing a nice and cushioned midsole that is also made to really perform under pressure. What I love most about this trainer is that it has a soft EVA foam midsole with a memory foam sock liner that cradles your foot in comfort. It offers that nice step-in feel that offers a good deal of squish as soon as you step down into them. Some users found that the soft midsole can start to break down over time, but the foam sock liner can be removed and replaced as needed for extra comfort.

I also love that this shoe provides a lot of extra support in the heel. When engaging in heavy compound lifts, you need a shoe that is able to provide you a good deal of support as well as lock your heel firmly in place. The midfoot saddle offers a good deal of extra support, and it also works to absorb the impact to your joints when training on hard and unforgiving surfaces.


One of the biggest changes made to the construction of the Puma Tazon 6 Fade is the construction of the upper. It is composed of lightweight materials that offer modest padding along the heel and tongue where you need it most. Many users found that the build of this upper is incredibly comfortable right out of the box, and cuts down on the overall break-in period.

The upper is composed of a blend of mesh materials and synthetic leather overlays to provide ample support while working to lift hot air up and away from your feet. The lacing system has 5 loops with an extra stability loop towards the top of your foot to really enhance lockdown so that your shoes stay firmly in place on your foot no matter if you are engaging in quick and snappy movements or heavy compound lifts. I love that this upper is breathable, stylish, and incredibly functional.


The style of the outsole is something that is incredibly versatile and unique. It is composed of 100 percent rubber materials that ensure that you have a firm grip on the ground under your feet. The forefoot and midfoot offer tacky grooves that increase flexibility when making quick movements, and the tacky finish offer a secure grip on the ground.

While the forefoot and midfoot are made to move, the heel is composed of a thicker layer of rubber that serves a few purposes. First, this thicker rubber on the heel helps to absorb the impact when running or training on hard surfaces to help protect your joints. For heavy compound lifts, this concentrated layer of rubber allows you to really dig deep and provides extra support where you need it most. The dual-density rubber design of this outsole is what makes it an incredibly versatile training shoe that is built for speed and heavy weights.


Many cross-training shoes are fairly minimalistic as they aim to please CrossFitters, but the Puma Tazon 6 Fade is built a little bit differently. The addition of the heel saddle, reinforced heel cup on the outsole, and strategically placed overlays on the outsole provide users with a little extra stability that is great for heavy lifters. If you are someone that likes to dabble in just about everything at your gym (from treadmills to weight machines to power racks) this is a shoe that is able to keep up with your versatile training schedule.

Overall, I would suggest this shoe for anyone that prefers hitting the bench or powerlifting. The advanced features in this shoe are built with powerlifters in mind, and the lightweight materials and overall flex of this shoe will also accommodate those that like to spend their off days engaging in circuits, HIIT, or nice and easy tempo runs on the treadmill.


From what I have learned from previous users, these shoes fit like a glove. If you wear a size 10 in any other PUMA trainer, this is your size in the PUMA Tazon 6 Fade. Not all trainers adhere to the same sizing charts, so if you have never purchased PUMA shoes before, be sure to take accurate measurements of your foot and compare them to the sizing chart they provided.

Overall, these shoes have a wide toe box that allows your feet to naturally splay, and the detailed lacking system offers excellent lockdown. However, there were some users that stumbled across a few issues as far as the fit is concerned. Due to the overall low profile of this shoe, there were a few users that felt that the heel collar was just a tad on the shallow side, which made the shoe feel like it would slip off the back of their foot while running.


What can I say, I’m a sucker for the style of PUMA shoes. At first glance, they look like a killer casual shoe that you would want to style with jeans to wear while running errands and many users do just that. While it may look like a casual shoe, it is built with many advanced features that make it a great training shoe for weight lifting and circuits. It comes in a wide variety of colors, as well as unique prints that are sure to generate quite a few compliments the next time you hit the gym.


What I love most about this shoe is the very handsome price point. Given the overall versatility and sleek design, there are few reasons to leave this shoe sitting on the shelf. It’s a shoe that you can wear while engaging in most activities at the gym and comes in at a price point that won’t break the bank. Even if you feel that you need a little extra support in your trainers, you can easily transition this shoe to a sleek casual shoe for running errands and looking great.

Comparisons to Previous Versions

Overall, many of the performance features between the Tazon 6 Fade and previous versions remain largely the same. They are still composed of the same EVA midsole and memory foam sock liner, and the construction of the outsole is basically the same with a few style changes. The most notable change made to the newest version is the construction of the upper. The Tazon 6 Fade drops the hot and stiff leather and synthetic materials and swaps them out for lightweight and breathable mesh. This not only makes the shoe lighter and more flexible, but it also makes it cooler as well.

If you find that you often opt for the older version of a training shoe to save a little bit of money, the affordable price point of the Tazon 6 Fade isn’t that much higher than older versions. You can feel confident opting for all of the improved features of the newer shoe without taking a big hit to your wallet.


When shopping for new trainers, I know that performance is the most important feature to help make my workouts just a little bit easier on my body. However, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the style of the shoe wasn’t the very first thing I look at when shopping for new shoes. The style of the Puma Tazon 6 had me sold at very first glance, and the quality of materials used and overall performance just nudged it over the edge. If you love a sleek and modern style and don’t want to skimp on overall performance when training at the gym, this is one of your best options.

Plus, if you find that it just doesn’t quite work for your workouts, it can easily transition into a sleek casual shoe without draining your bank account!