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Editor’s Conclusion
From powerlifting to CrossFit, the Nike Metcon series is built to tackle just about anything. When the Nike Metcon 6 released in the backend of 2020, it made quite the impression. While previous versions were hailed as the quintessential cross-training shoe, could Nike actually improve on this simple yet effective design? The short answer is yes, they absolutely did!

What I love most about this training shoe is the added additional (and optional) features that give you an extra edge when powerlifting, such as a heel insert to generate more power up through your heels during deadlifts and squats, and the upper is much more breathable than previous versions.

This shoe melts to the shape of your foot to feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all, while the supportive midsole and snappy rubber outsole provide unmatched agility. Plus, you can’t beat that classic Nike styling.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the features that make the Nike Metcon 6 one of the very best lifting and general training shoes out there on the market.
Nike Metcon 6 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

A removable heel insert is great for powerlifting
Very breathable mesh upper
Wide toe box
Responsive rubber outsole is great for lateral movements
You can design your own shoe with a Nike Premium membership
Runs true to size


Not ideal for running
Slightly expensive

Key Features


It may look like a minimalist training shoe, but the Metcon 6 provides a good deal of cushioning. It boasts a modest EVA midsole that gives you a little bit of comfort where you need it most. It has higher concentrations of foam along the heel for added stability and support, and a thin layer of cushioning along the forefoot to help keep your movements light and snappy. It walks that fine line between cushioned support and speed and is built for just about anything.

What I loved most about the design of this midsole is the addition of the heel insert, which is a new feature to the Metcon series. The heel insert can be removed as needed, but you may find that you just let it live in there permanently. It is designed to give you a little bit of an extra push when engaging in squats and deadlifts. It is thick enough to give you a little bit of extra power and push, but thin enough that it won’t affect your full range of motion.


One of the biggest improvements made to the Metcon 6 is the design of the upper. While the style remains unchanged, the breathability and overall fit have improved a great deal. This design is considered to be almost 20 percent cooler than previous models, as listed on Nike’s website.

The upper is composed of a light and breathable mesh material that works to lift hot air up and away from your feet. The mesh holes are so wide that the color of the shoe will change slightly depending on the color socks you wear that day!

While the upper is insanely breathable, it still provides a good deal of support where you need it most. The heel counter is made from synthetic leather and provides modest cushioning along the heel counter. This stiff and structured heel counter may get a little hot, but it does a great job providing extra support for your squats while helping to really lock your shoes in place.


The outsole of the Metacon series is one of its most impressive and coveted features, and Nike did not tinker with greatness. The rubber outsole of this shoe is light and snappy and allows for quick and agile lateral movements when engaging in CrossFit or WODs. The outsole also has flex grooves built right into the rubber that offers unmatched flexibility in your feet. What I also love about this flex rubber is that it really grips the ground under your feet. This smart design makes your movements strong and confident.

The best part about this rubber outsole is that it doesn’t just stop at the base of the shoe. This rubber runs up along the sides of the shoe in a triangular pattern, which gives the Metcons series its iconic style. This feature is more than just a sleek design, it has a practical aspect as well. The rubber that runs up along the sides gives users an added layer of protection along the sides of their feet, and it is great for rope climbing.


This shoe is built to conquer just about anything. While previous versions of the Metacon were great for powerlifting, the Metacon 6 is even better. The added heel insert gives you an extra edge when you are inching up to a new PR. It’s great for squats and deads, but it also works for bench pressing as well. I’m fairly short, so any extra lift I can get on the bench is always appreciated! The nimble rubber outsole also makes it the perfect trainer for CrossFit, WODs, and anything that demands fast and snappy movements.

But what about cardio days? While this shoe is technically built to tackle short runs on the treadmill or bike, it’s a little less than ideal. The frame of this shoe is made for short bursts of energy and isn’t really equipped for repetitive movements. This shoe works best on short runs (under 2 miles). You can technically take this shoe on longer runs, but this shoe will wear down much more quickly on longer runs.


When engaging in quick movements, you need to give your feet a lot of room to spread. What I love about the Metacon 6 is that it has a wide frame that allows your feet to naturally spread inside of the shoe. It boasts a wide toe box to prevent toe jamming and the stretchy mesh upper contours to the shape of your foot. While the shoe is fairly wide, the classic lacing system allows you to tinker with the fit to find that perfect locked-in feel.

This shoe also runs true to size. If you are a size 9 in other Nike training shoes, the same can be said for the Metacon 6. If you have never worn Nikes before, be sure to take ample measurements of your feet and compare those measurements to Nike’s detailed sizing chart.


This shoe comes in a ton of bright and snappy color options, as well as more modest neutral shades. Have you ever wanted to design your very own shoe? What I love most about the Metcon 6 is that Nike allows you to pick a color palette that you love and design your very own shoe. This unique service is only reserved for those with a Nike membership, but this membership is entirely free (and well worth the time it takes to sign up!).


The cost of this shoe is slightly more expensive than other cross-trainers out there on the market but well worth the extra cost! As long as you don’t take this shoe on long-distance runs at the local park, it’s a shoe that is designed to last for quite some time. If you are a little reluctant to spend 3 digits on cross-training shoes, you can always opt for an older model. However, I feel that the updates made to this shoe make it well worth the price tag if you can swing it.

Comparisons to Previous Versions

Nike knows better than to tinker too much with greatness. Previous versions of this shoe were amazing and hailed as one of the best cross-training shoes that money can buy. So what could they possibly do to make this shoe even better? For the most part, they kept the basic structure of this shoe the same. It still boasts a similar style, midsole, and outsole materials that are bright and responsive. Thankfully, there were no changes made there. One of the biggest changes made to this shoe is entirely optional.

Nike added a removable heel insert to this shoe to give it an extra edge when powerlifting. As a powerlifter myself, I really appreciate this added boost of power that I can remove when shifting over to WODs or cardio work on my off days. This heel insert is thin yet responsive, and I find that it gives me a little bit of an edge without feeling too thick and bulky.

Nike also tinkered with the construction of the upper. The upper of this design is made from a much more breathable mesh with large holes that help move hot air up and away from your feet. If you love the freedom of lifting in your socks, the upper of this design feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all.


With tons of different cross-training shoes out there on the market, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. Some cross-training shoes are built for high-intensity workouts, while others are built for weight lifting and powerlifting. What makes the Nike Metcon 6 so special is that it is built for just about anything.

Whether you want to speed through circuits with ease, or you want to reach a new PR, this shoe is built to help you achieve your gym-related goals. Plus, with a sleek style and comfortable fit this shoe is bound to turn quite a few heads at the gym.