Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2

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Editor’s Conclusion
Welcome to the future! I’ll be honest, when I first laid eyes upon the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 I let out a little laugh at the style of this shoe. Nike is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to style, and they have pushed the envelope straight to the moon.

As a big fan of science fiction and unique training shoes, I had to give these shoes a try. For HIIT training or any high-intensity workouts, these shoes really shine! Sure, they may look a bit peculiar, but this shoe offers up a lot more than unconventional design.

The build of the outsole works to keep movements light and snappy while providing a good deal of support as well. They’re lightweight, nimble, and are insanely fast. The added speed comes from the curved rocker design that propels you forward while the supportive midsole offers a good deal of cushioning.

They are a little strange to walk in, at least at first, but if you can get past that first hurdle you’ll be zipping around the gym at breakneck speed in no time.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that make the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 an unusually fantastic cross-training shoe!
Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

AirPods in the toe box is great for snappy movements
A full-length TPU Flyplate helps evenly distribute weight
Excellent for lateral movements
Breathable and lightweight mesh upper
Great lockdown
Weighs under 10 ounces
Makes the dreaded burpee a little easier


Not ideal for running long distances
The style is not for everyone

Key Features


The midsole on this design boasts a full-length TPU Flyplate that works to distribute the weight of your movements evenly throughout your feet. This provides a boost of added stability when engaging in high intensity and quick workouts, and takes the pressure off of your knees and joints as well.

What I also love about the construction of this midsole is that it is also built with something called a burpee break. The burpee break is a band that runs the length of the midsole that helps to increase flexibility and movement in your feet. Burpees are the worst, and they can be made even more difficult with stiff shoes.

This band also helps to position the body more evenly when engaging in burpees to take undue pressure off of your joints. Overall it is made to make one of the worst body exercises to grace planet earth just a little bit easier.


While the midsole and outsole of this design are beefy and clunky, the upper of the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 is surprisingly simple and lightweight. It is composed of a lightweight layer of breathable mesh that helps to lift hot air up and away from your feet.

This stretchy mesh material contours to the shape of your foot for excellent lockdown, and it doesn’t utilize any synthetic overlays that could create hot spots or limit your full range of motion.

This upper also provides users with very minimal padding on the tongue and the heel collar. It’s composed of lightweight fabric that won’t dig into your feet, and the absence of thick padding serves to boost your overall flexibility in your feet.

It also has a sewn tongue that won’t shift around while you zip around the gym and flatlock laces that stay in place and help boost lockdown.


If you are training on the moon, you will fit right in! For all of us Earth-bound folks, the look of this outsole will create quite a stir. And Nike wouldn’t have it any other way. While it looks odd, the style of this outsole is designed to enhance lateral movements and agility.

The outsole is cut right down the center and provides added performance in the toe box and heel for a wide variety of exercises.

The toe box is composed of a thick and grippy rubber material that helps you push off for more power. The style of rubber is lightweight and grippy and is ideal for slick surfaces. If you are running on slick sidewalks, the tacky and grooved rubber will stick to them like you are Spiderman.

The heel counter is composed of exposed EVA foam rubber that does an excellent job of absorbing the impact on your joints. It’s not quite as durable as the toe box, but the thicker construction of the heel holds up incredibly well over time.

Plus, the wide frame of this outsole boosts overall stability and acts as a type of rocking chair that helps you glide through more movements effortlessly.


Overall, the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 is designed for HIIT training or any style of bodyweight exercise. It’s a great option for workouts such as burpees, sprints, or anything that demands fast footwork.

The construction of the lightweight upper allows your feet to move naturally, while the complex midsole and outsole help to absorb impact and boost overall stability. It’s rare to find a cross-training shoe that offers excellent flexibility with stability, but this shoe makes it happen.

While it’s great for most bodywork exercises and even weight training, it’s not ideal for long-distance running. The performance of this shoe is made for quick bursts of power, but the stability features don’t quite hold up as well for longer distances.

If you like to fit in a bit of running into your workout routine, it’s best to stick to nice and easy tempo runs while wearing this shoe.


The fit of this cross-training shoe runs true to size. If you have worn Nikes before, you can stick to your usual size and this option will fit like a glove. The design of the upper is composed of stretch materials that are designed to slip on very easily, and the fit laces help to boost overall lockdown. The upper feels like a traditional running shoe, but the construction of the outsole is a bit odd.

I highly suggest heading down to your local shoe store to give these a test run before you make a purchase. The feel of this unique outsole doesn’t quite feel like your normal pair of training shoes. In fact, many users have reported that walking in these shoes takes a little getting used to.

However, once you get over the unusual feel of this shoe, it will completely change the cadence of your workouts!


I won’t sugar-coat it. The style of this shoe isn’t for everyone. If you are more of a traditionalist, the attention you will generate from wearing these shoes may not be for you. I, however, love the extra attention! Nike loves to toy with modern designs, and this shoe is certainly modern.

It teeters on the edge of a high-performing cross-training shoe and art installation. I think the style is unique and different, albeit a little ostentatious.

It’s also important to note that this design is only offered in black. It has a few color accents on the air pods and the Nike logo along the side, but overall it utilizes a fair neutral color palette.


I hope you are sitting down because the cost of this shoe comes in at a pretty steep price point. When compared to other cross-training shoes out there on the market, this is certainly one of your more expensive options.

However, the unique design of this shoe leaves me unable to compare it to anything else out there on the market. It’s a great investment for those that are looking for a shoe that is designed to excel in one particular area.

I feel that a shoe that is designed to make burpees a little bit easier is well worth every penny!


Think of the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 as a lightweight neutral running shoe strapped onto a stability trainer's outsole. It’s a little Frankenstein’s monster-y, but it performs unlike any cross-training shoe out there on the market.

If you engage in a lot of bodyweight exercises and CrossFit, this is one of your best choices. It may look like an unusual design that is all sizzle and no steak, but the performance of this shoe is unlike anything else out there on the market.

It contours to your feet in 360 degrees of locked-down comfort, and allows for quick and zippy movements that comfort your joints and allows you to easily push off of your toes to reach higher speeds. It may look heavy and clunky, but it weighs in at under 10 ounces which means that it won’t weigh you down.

It’s great for speed but also excels in the weight room as well. For those looking for a unique pair of cross-training shoes that are catered more for bodyweight movements, the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 is one of your best, albeit unusual, choices!