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Editor’s Conclusion
The APL Tachloom Bliss sneaker is a shoe built for anything. When I say anything - I’m talking CrossFit, powerlifting, running, yoga, grocery shopping, and traveling.

What makes this insanely stylish and versatile shoe so unique is that you won’t need to pack in a pair of training shoes into your tote or gym bag as you get ready for the day.

While it may not look like your traditional gym shoe, who’s to say that gym shoes need to look a certain way?

It may boast a casual and unique style on the outside, but inside it is packed with high-performance features to help you train at your very best. This shoe is incredibly lightweight, fits your foot like a glove, and adds an extra spring to your step.

Whether you need a comfortable shoe to take you through your day, or a gym shoe that can tackle just about anything, the APL TechLoom Bliss is a shoe that is worth checking out!
APL TechLoom Bliss Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Propelium midsole is insanely responsive and durable
Insanely lightweight- weighs in at just over 6 ounces
Great for a wide variety of strength training and cardio workouts
The form-fitting upper is very breathable
100 percent vegan


Runs small

Key Features


The midsole of this shoe provides a good deal of energy return and springiness right out of the gate. When you slip these shoes on your feet, you can feel your feet squish down into the midsole of the shoe.

The performance makes it a great choice when training on hard and unforgiving surfaces such as sidewalks, concrete garage floors, and treadmills.

While this midsole may look slim, it boasts an 8 mm drop that helps to keep your heels nice and protected while also propelling you forward as you train.

The unique midsole of the TechLoom Bliss is made from Propelium, which is a compound that is made only by APL.

Crafted from EVA foam, this unique blend is much more durable and responsive than your traditional EVA foam. It may be thin and lightweight, but this midsole is really made to move. It provides users with a high level of energy return where you need it most and feels like you are training on tiny trampolines.

Plus, the unique formula is made to last much longer than traditional EVA foam, which means that it won’t squish down into a pancake over time.


The build of the outsole is designed to provide athletes with enhanced traction and grip on the floor without the use of heavy rubber compounds. It utilizes a blend of exposed EVA foam and durable rubber in key areas to increase traction while keeping your movements light and bright.

If you look at the outsole of this shoe, you will notice three different colors that are designed to demonstrate how this outsole performs.

The heel and the very tip of the toe box are reinforced with black rubber that is much more durable than any other part of the shoe.

These areas often see the most overall wear and tear, which is why APL placed very durable rubber pads in these key areas. They also boast a grippy texture for confident landings and toe-offs.

The base of the toe box is accented with pink rubber that indicates higher traction. While this section of the outsole isn’t quite as durable as the heel and toe box, it provides a little more durability than the rest of the outsole.

It boasts a slightly tacky finish that really grips the ground under your feet when engaging in quick agility work, and the modest rubber compound adds an extra bounce to your step.

The remainder of the outsole is composed of lightweight exposed EVA foam. It also has flex grooves cut-outs in key areas of the foot to boost flexibility.

If you hate stiff training shoes, the overall build of this outsole is designed to feel as if you aren’t wearing anything at all!


Who says that training shoes have to look a certain way? While the APL TechLoom Bliss may look like a casual daytime shoe, it is built for just about anything.

The upper is composed of high elastic materials that stretch over your foot for a customized fit. When training at high speeds, you need a shoe that stays firmly in place on your foot.

The super stretch nature of this upper fits your foot like a glove and delivers targeted lockdown that stays in place and will not shift around on your foot!

What I also love about the design of this upper is that it is completely lace-free. Simply slip your foot inside of the shoe and you are ready to move!

It provides users with a stretchy elastic band that replaces traditional laces that hugs the top of your foot without creating hot spots.

Laces are designed to increase lockdown and improve the overall fit of the shoe, but the super stretchy nature of this upper doesn’t require any laces.

One of the best features of the upper of this shoe is that is it incredibly breathable. There are few training shoes out there on the market that can achieve the same breathability level as the TechLoom Bliss.

It’s stretchy, it’s comfortable, and it works to lift hot air up and away from your foot where it quickly evaporates on the surface.


If you have feet, you can likely benefit from the APL TechLoom Bliss. With an innovative style and modern performance features, this shoe is really made to move.

Overall, I would recommend this training shoe for those that love to switch up their training schedule on a weekly basis. If you are all about the weight room one week, and then decide to switch it up to cardio equipment, this is a shoe that is able to keep up.

The flexible design of the upper and unique outsole provides excellent movement and agility when engaging in quick-paced CrossFit or WODs, and the second-skin fit is also ideal for powerlifting. The responsive and supportive midsole of this design also makes it a great choice when going for an easy jog or hitting up the treadmill.

While this shoe is insanely versatile, it may not be the best option for runners or lifters that need a little bit of extra support. If you often suffer from joint pain from overpronation, this shoe doesn’t offer very much in terms of support.

In those instances, you may benefit more from a traditional stability shoe that provides a little bit more support.


Without a lacing system to tinker with the fit of this shoe, some users have run into a few problems when it comes to the overall fit of this shoe. When opting for your average shoe size, many found that this shoe fits a little too tightly.

It’s designed to provide a snug fit, but it may be in your best interest to go a half size larger than you would normally wear. Be sure to take good measurements of your feet and compare them to APL’s sizing chart.

If you can, it never hurts to head down to an APL retailer to give these shoes a test run before you buy them.

Another great feature of these shoes is that there is virtually no break-in period. Many training shoes require users to break them in a bit before they contour to the shape of their foot.

This initial break-in period is often a hotbed for blisters, and the ALP TechLoom Bliss design fits like a glove right out of the gate!


If you feel that this shoe is a little too good to be true, it’s only because I haven’t mentioned the price tag. Overall, it’s one of the most expensive training shoes out there on the market.

However, when you take into consideration the high-end performance of this shoe, its versatile design, and unmatched durability, this shoe proves that it is an investment worth making. When shopping online, always be on the lookout for sales! While other brands set their price and stick to it.

The APL series of training shoes often lower the price point to lure in new users to give this award-winning shoe a try!


If you are concerned that a very simple-looking shoe may not provide you with the high-end performance you need at the gym, allow me to ease your worries.

In 2010, APL shoes were banned from the NBA because the NBA claimed that it gave players an unfair advantage.

APL stuck to their innovative and high-performing design and brought their “unfair advantage” shoes to athletes that aren’t performing in the NBA!

Another great product we reviewed is the APL TechLoom Tracer, so make sure to check it out as well.

If you are on the hunt for a unique and versatile training shoe that you can get excited about, the APL TechLoom Bliss is a great choice. It’s a super comfortable and breathable shoe that can help you train harder in just about any area of the gym.

Its sleek and modern design also makes it the perfect shoe to wear all day long, which means you won’t need to pack an extra pair of training shoes into your gym bag!