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Editor’s Conclusion
Let’s be honest - a little bit of magic is lost when transitioning from the road to the treadmill when the weather isn’t cooperating. Road running is freeing, and I get serious hamster-on-a-wheel vibes when switching over to the treadmill. That is until I gave the TrueForm Runner a spin.

Traditional treadmills lock you into a very specific range of motion as well as speed. The TrueForm Runner is a completely motor-free design that is powered by your cadence. The slightly curved design locks your body into a more natural motion that not only feels great but is better for your joints and helps to prevent injuries.

This user-powered design also adapts to your speed. Often, I find myself toggling between speed settings on a classic treadmill, and I have a hard time finding that perfect speed that matches my running style.

With this treadmill, the belt intuitively matches your speed and just feels more natural whether you are walking or running. Plus, it’s slightly smaller than your average treadmill, and a lot quieter as well (which is a big win in my book as an early morning runner!).

There are tons of reasons to add this sleek and modern treadmill to your home gym, and I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features below.
TrueForm Runner Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Responsive Kraiburg rubber belt
Requires no maintenance
A lifetime warranty on the frame
Motorless design runs quietly
The curved design allows you to adjust the speed naturally
Great for walking, jogging, or HIIT
Wheels along the base make it easy to move as needed


Very expensive
Simplistic display
Narrow 17-inch belt

Key Features


There are no cheap plastic components found anywhere on the TrueForm Runner. From the belt down to the simple handrails, this entire machine is composed of high-quality steel and rubber components that are made to stand the test of time. In fact, TrueForm is so confident in the quality of the frame that it provides users with a lifetime warranty in the rare instance of any defects.

The frame is composed of high-quality steel and aluminum that is welded together as one piece. When this unit ships, the entire belt, and frame come fused as one piece and requires no assembly. The belt is also supported by 100 steel ball bearings that create that smooth and effortless ride and require no ongoing maintenance over time.

TrueForm also doesn’t skimp on the quality of the handrails. These handrails are fairly simple and are composed of steel tubing that is two inches thick. They boast a textured powder-coated finish that provides a strong and confident grip even as your hands get a little sweaty.


Who needs a motor when you have a pair of powerful legs to propel your forward? What makes the TrueForm Runner stand out from the crowd of borning and often noisy motorized treadmills is that it is powered by the user. So, how does a manual belt even work? This treadmill boasts a curved belt that is supported by 100 steel ball bearings that help it glide effortlessly along the track.

This design intuitively matches your speed whether you are walking or running. If you want more of a challenge, you can even position your body closer to the incline of the belt for an added challenge.

Another great feature of this belt design is that it eases you into a nice and even gait cycle. If you try and lean forward or backward at an unnatural angle, the belt gently pushes you back into an even upright position.

Strain and injuries often happen when we put uneven weight on certain areas of our body- which can often occur on a traditional treadmill. The design of this curved user-powered belt ensures that your stride is always even, and in turn reduces the changes or injuries or strain.


The base model design comes equipped with a Kraiburg rubber that is composed of repurposed tires. This belt provides runners with excellent energy return and impact absorption that is kind to your joints. This belt is insanely durable, boasts a great grip, and doesn’t require any ongoing maintenance.

What I love about this belt is that it also gives users the option to replace it with something more suited to their needs. For an extra cost (and the time required for installation), runners can swap out the traditional rubber and replace it with an artificial turf fitting that’s great for athletes, or a Naboso belt that is geared more toward rehabilitation and recovery.


This display on this design is surprisingly simplistic and doesn’t include any pre-programmed workout options or additional features. Some runners love the ease of use and simplicity, while others wish it offered a few more features given the high price point. The on-board display screen indicates your pace, speed, distance, and time in large back-lit blue numbers that are easy to read at a glance.

When you step on the belt, the display automatically turns on and starts tracking your progress. It doesn’t require any programming, and it is powered by batteries. The good news is that this cardio machine comes with a pair of rechargeable batteries as well as a charging cable with your purchase.

The downside of this simple display is that it doesn’t offer any additional features. While other treadmills offer pre-programmed workouts and even a few games to keep your runs engaging and interesting, this display does not include any of those features. If you want to omit the display screen completely, you can opt to purchase this treadmill without it and save around 300 bucks.


You may want to consider sending your delivery person a Christmas card this year because this treadmill weighs in at a whopping 325 pounds!

It’s a bit of a struggle bringing this treadmill inside to your home workout space, but once it's set up moving it from place to place is a little bit easier.

This design comes with a pair of wheels along the base that makes moving it to the perfect location a little bit easier.


One of the great things about this treadmill is that it is surprisingly small. When compared to other motorized treadmills out there on the market, this design is much more compact and perfect for smaller spaces. It measures to be 64 inches long and 36 inches wide.

With the addition of the handrails, it stands 57 inches tall. It also has an impressive overall weight capacity of 400 pounds when running, and 700 pounds when walking!

One important thing to note about the overall size of this machine is that the belt is a little narrower than your standard treadmill. Your average treadmill has a belt that measures anywhere between 18-22 inches wide.

The TrueForm Runner, however, has a belt that measures to be 17 inches wide. It is a little narrower than many expected, but still performs quite well and the narrow design won’t affect your natural gait cycle, even if you have a larger build.


One of the few downsides to the TrueForm runner is that it clocks in at a pretty steep price point, making it one of the more expensive treadmills out there on the market. When I say expensive, I’m talking used-car expensive.

However, if you want the best of the best and are willing to spare no expense, this treadmill is well worth every penny, and will likely outlive you. And possibly your grandchildren.

If the price point is well outside of your budget, TrueForm also offers a slightly more affordable option with the TrueForm trainer. This design boasts similar design features, but swaps out the solid steel construction with plastic components that aren’t quite as secure and heavy-duty.

Whether you opt for the TrueForm Runner or the TrueForm Trainer, both options ship completely free if ordered from the Rogue store. Just be sure to be extra nice to your delivery person for unloading this 325 beast from their truck to your home!


Sure, the TrueForm Runner may come in at a pretty steep price point, but it is well worth it if you can swing it! It’s made from high-end materials that hold up quite well over the years and demand little to no ongoing maintenance to the belt over the years.

I love that you have the option of swapping out the belt for an artificial turf design or a Naboro option that is geared more toward recovery. The Kraiburg rubber belt that is included with your purchase far outshines traditional belts by providing runners with a responsive and comfortable ride that helps mitigate the impact on their joints.

If you have to take your training indoors once the weather starts to turn this winter, the TrueForm Runner is a great option to capture the magic of running outdoors on a compact treadmill.

The easy motorless design runs super quietly for those early morning runs, and the user-powered belt adapts to your unique running style to help prevent train and injuries. Overall, this is one of the most impressive treadmills that money can buy!