CAP Barbell Hex Rubber Dumbbell

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Editor’s Conclusion
The CAP Barbell Hex Rubber Dumbbell is a great choice for your home gym they are made from quality materials that hold up very well over the years of continued use.

When you work out at the gym, protecting the floor isn’t as much of an issue when working out at home, which is why rubber dumbbells are so great.

In my home gym, I have a full set of dumbbells that I collected over the years, but for my 30-pounders I decided to try out a set of rubber dumbbells. When I’m working out, I’m just a little bit more excited when I get to work with my very special 30-pound rubber weights.

This design allows me to drop them during a fail-out without the fear of damaging my floor. They have a unique grip that feels nice in the hands, and modest knurling provides a surefire grip without ripping up your paws.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into the advanced features that make the CAP Barbell Hex Rubber Dumbbell worth a look.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Ergonomic grip
Modest knurling won’t dig into your palms
A hexagonal shape will not roll when not in use
The coated head will not chip or dent over the years


Can leave scuff marks on your floor
Have a strong rubber odor
Not as durable as solid cast iron

Key Features


These dumbbells work just as well as your traditional cast-iron dumbbells. Whether you are engaging in slow isolated movements such as preacher curls or seated tricep extensions, this design provides nice and even weight distribution that allows you to really dig into the lift.

What I love most about this rubber design is that it hurts a little less if you accidentally bonk yourself in the head in the middle of a lift.

The top of my head takes quite a beating when engaging in lifts such as overhead triceps extensions, and the softer rubber design hurts a little less than cast iron when I hit myself in the head!


One of the best overall features of this design is that it boasts a unique grip. Your basic dumbbells often have a straight knurled grip that gets the job done, but doesn’t feel great in your hands when pushing for high volumes.

What’s unique about this design is that it boasts an ergonomic grip that really contours to the shape of your hands. It has a thicker center and tapers off to a more narrow grip on the outside of your hands that looks like a bowtie shape.

This unique grip allows the smaller part of your hands (the pinky and ring fingers) to confidently wrap around the grip for a nice and natural feel.

What I also love about the grip of this dumbbell is that it offers unique knurling. Many dumbbells provide solid knurling throughout the entire dumbbell and call it a day.

What’s unique about this design is that it is built like a mini barbell. It has a long central layer of knurling in the center of the grip and a smooth chrome-plated grip on the outside. This varied grip helps users to grip the handle more confidently without tearing up their hands.

The knurling offered on this design is a little bit more shallow than most, which is important when lifting for volume.

It provides just enough extra texture to retain a confident grip on your dumbbell without ripping up the palms of your hand. To me, CAP Barbell really nailed the grip of their dumbbells!


These dumbbells are made from high-quality materials that hold up well over the years. The exterior rubber shell is coated to prevent denting and chipping over the years, and unlike exposed cast iron, it is also rust and corrosion-resistant. It’s important to note that many users found that this design has a tendency to scuff up their flooring.

I recommend investing in a black rubber exercise mat to help absorb the impact when dropped as well as prevent scuffing.

If you hate the smell of rubber, these dumbbells come with a very potent rubber smell that doesn’t fade much over the years. Personally, I don’t mind the smell of rubber so it isn’t as much of an issue to me.

Inside the rubber casing is high-performance cast iron that provides even and consistent weight distribution for snappy and safe sets.

I like to use these dumbbells for most types of dumbbells work such as bent-over rows, curls, goblet squats, and clean and presses. Where these dumbbells really shine is during overhead exercises such as shoulder presses.

If you fail out on the top of your lift, the bouncy rubber surface will not damage your floor like traditional cast iron.


What I really love about this line of rubber dumbbells is that they are offered in a wide variety of weight options.

Whether you are a newbie that only needs lightweight weights for cardio or cross-training, or you are an extreme bodybuilder, there is a weight option geared towards your workout style.

Each weight option comes in a set of two dumbbells. Weight options start out at a humble 5 pounds, and also provide weight options that increase by 5 pounds all the way up to 90-pound dumbbells!

Most dumbbell’s designs top out at around 50 pounds for their sets, which is what makes this option from CAP Barbell incredibly unique and worth checking out for both novices and veteran lifters.


The rubber texture of the outside of the dumbbell is resistant to corrosion and chipping, which means that it is built for the long haul. Plus, the unique chrome-plated grip shows very little signs of wear and tear over the years.

It’s important to note, however, that some users have run into issues with where the weight meets the handle.

There were a few user reviews that claimed that even after a few weeks of use, the weight came completely loose from the handles.

When they contacted customer service about their dumbbells, they were met with silence. While some felt that these dumbbells are built to last, other users claim a different story.

I’ve been using their 30-pound rubber weights for a few years and noticed that one of the sides of the dumbbell feels a little loose. It’s been like that for years, and it hasn’t detached from the handle- at least not yet.

The truth of the matter is that even some of the higher-end dumbbells can break, but it doesn’t mean you need to throw them in the garbage! If your weight breaks off from the handles, it’s pretty easy to fix.

I like to use JB Weld (an epoxy adhesive) and mix it up inside of the dumbbell. Once your adhesive is in place, simply screw the dumbbell back in place and let it sit for the recommended amount of time until it is ready to use again!

Overall, rubber dumbbells are much easier to repair because the weights often screw onto the handle. I have had a pair of cast iron dumbbells break at the handle before, and there is no simple repair fix for cast iron!


Another great feature of rubber dumbbells is that they come in at a much more affordable price point when compared to iron dumbbells.

This option from CAP Barbell is slightly more expensive than some of the more budget-friendly rubber designs out there on the market, but the unique design of this set is well worth every penny.

CAP barbell put a lot of thought not only into the design of the weight but also into the design of the grip.

If you are in the market for a comfortable set of dumbbells that takes it easy on your hands as well as your floor, this design is worth the slight investment.

Another great CAP product we reviewed is the 300-lb Cast Iron Olympic Weight Set, so make sure to check it out as well.


If you are in the market for a great pair of dumbbells that take it easy on your hands as well as your floor, CAP Barbell Hex Rubber Dumbbell is worth checking out.

What I love most about this design is that it boasts a hexagonal design that will not roll away from you when not in use. Many rubber dumbbells have a rounded frame, which often likes to roll around the gym floor.

Rounded designs are often more difficult to use for lifts like close grips because they don’t lock in place the way hexagonal designs do.

If you are sensitive to smells, it’s important to note that these dumbbells are quite potent. Even after years of use, this design will still carry a very distinct rubber odor. I quite like the smell of rubber, so the scent wasn’t as much of an issue for me as it is for some.

The grip feels solid without digging into your palms, which is great when you are knocking out over 10 reps at a time. They are built from high-quality materials that hold up very well over the years and are the perfect accent to any home gym.