Cyclace Exercise Bike

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Cyclace exercise bike proves that affordability doesn’t also mean cheap. This bike is built like a tank, boasts a compact frame that is easy to adjust, has high levels of resistance, and comes in at a price point that won’t break the bank!
Cyclace Exercise Bike Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Very comfortable and squishy bike seat
Easy to make quick adjustments to seat and handlebars as needed
Caged pedals
330-pound weight limit
The media shelf is large enough for tablets
A small and compact frame is perfect for smaller spaces
Offered at an affordable price point
Ships with a replacement wool pad
Easy to assemble


No Bluetooth connectivity
Friction resistance requires users to annually replace wool pads
No heart rate monitor
Limited LCD display

Key Features


Extra bells and whistles are great, but if they are mounted to a flimsy bike they don’t mean much. This is a bare-bones bike that is built with one thing in mind - obliterate calories and build strength.

With a 330-pound weight capacity, this is a great bike for beginners all the way up to advanced users. It boasts a small and compact frame that fits in most indoor workout spaces, and a pair of transport wheels make the 86-pound frame super easy to use.

While this stationary bike is one of your more affordable high-performance designs, it’s important to note that the method of resistance is a little less than ideal. Instead of utilizing magnetic resistance, this design uses a friction-based flywheel.

This flywheel performs just as well as other forms of resistance, but it can get a little noisy. When placed at higher levels of resistance, this bike will make a bit of noise, which may not be ideal for those easily morning workouts.

Another downside to friction resistance is that it requires a little bit of extra ongoing maintenance. By using a wool pad to slow down the flywheel when you amp up the resistance, it requires users to replace this wool pad occasionally.

If you don’t replace the wool pad, the bike will still work, but the quality of resistance will fade over time.


The resistance offered on this bike is good, but it’s not great. Unlike other bikes, the resistance knob doesn’t display the level of resistance which makes it a little bit harder to fine-tune your workouts to a specific resistance level.

To adjust the resistance on the flywheel, simply turn the bright red knob until you achieve a resistance level that is ideal for your workouts.

It’s also important to note that this bike utilizes friction resistance over magnetic resistance.

Overall, magnetic resistance is better, but it also drives up the price tag of the bike. Friction resistance keeps the price tag low, but also comes with a few drawbacks.

The downside to friction resistance is that it gets a little noisy. Wool brake pads rub up against the flywheel that making it more difficult to spin the pedals. While it may run silently at first, this bike gets noisy as the wool pads start to wear down.

To keep the resistance high and noise low, it’s important that you change the pads as often as needed. The good news is that it comes with an extra pad to swap out as needed, but additional pads will come at a modest price tag.

Overall, the frequency of changing the pads depends upon how often you use your bike and the level of resistance you use. If you never bump up the resistance, they will last a lot longer than if you always use this bike at the highest resistance level.


One of the best features of this bike (other than the super affordable price point) is the small and compact frame. This bike measures to be 47.24-inches long, 24.21-inches wide, and stands to be 47.24 inches tall.

To put that into perspective, a Peloton bike measures to be 59-inches long, 23-inches wide, and stands to be 53-inches tall. Overall this bike is much more compact and works best in smaller spaces.

What I also found impressive about this bike is that it only weighs in at just 86 pounds while still offering a max weight limit of 330 pounds!

When compared to Peloton, this bike is able to handle 25 pounds more weight than one of the most expensive stationary bikes out there on the market!

If you often need to move your equipment to clear up floor space as needed, this bike is a cinch to move. It boasts a pair of transport wheels on the base that makes it easier to lift and move to a new location.

With a weight of just 86 pounds, moving this bike is incredibly easy! While it doesn’t boast any folding features, the small and compact frame fits perfectly in even the smallest of workout spaces.


The digital display on the Cyclace Evercise bike gets the job done, but it isn’t the most advanced screen out there on the market. I

t displays your calories burned, time, distance, and speed, but it doesn’t offer advanced features such as heart rate or RPM. It doesn’t store past exercises, and it doesn’t provide any Bluetooth connectivity to pair it with your favorite fitness apps.

Overall, the display screen gets the job done if you simply want to monitor your speed and time. Cyclace clearly favors the quality of the build of their bike over advanced quality-of-life features.

It may have a display screen that is a little less than ideal, but with so much wearable fitness tech (such as Fitbits and smartwatches) it’s soon becoming a feature that many users simply do not need.


Sure, the display screen is a little lacking, but the addition of the media shelf allows users to mount their iPad or smartphone to the bike to follow along with a workout app, read a book, or binge Netflix as they train.

It’s important to note that this device does not support Bluetooth connectivity, so you won’t be able to sync this bike to popular workout apps or health-tracking apps. To track your progress, your best option is to invest in wearable fitness trackings such as a Fitbit or Garmin smartwatch.

This design also provides a water bottle holder that is very similar to a water bottle holder on a traditional bike. The style of the water bottle holder is convenient, but the size only allows for certain sizes of water bottles with slim frames and secure tops.


Overall, the assembly of this bike is fairly simple and straightforward. Once it arrives at your door, the only thing you need to do is affix the handlebars, pedals, and legs at the base.

The instructions are very clear and easy to read, and all of the tools needed to assemble your bike are included in the assembly kit. Most users found that it only took them around 20-30 minutes to completely assemble their bike.

It’s super important that your bike is assembled correctly, and if you aren’t quite confident in your handyman skills, you have options. For a small fee, you can opt to have an expert come to your home to assemble your bike for you.

While it costs a little bit more, it is well worth the extra cost to know that your bike was assembled the correct way!


The Cyclace Exercise bike has a few drawbacks, but the price point makes it well worth it! While this bike doesn’t boast the advanced bells and whistles of other high-end exercise bikes, it also doesn’t boast that high-end price point.

Many bikes and in the budget-friendly category try and blend performance features with modern tech, and end up with an exercise bike that doesn’t do either of them very well.

This bike strips its design down to the bare bones when it comes to advanced features (as we saw in their anemic LCD display) and instead shifts its focus to the build of the bike.

Overall, this bike is able to compete with some of the heavy-hitting brands when it comes to performance while maintaining a price point that won’t break the bank.

If you want something built like a tank and able to tackle intense workout sessions, this design is worth every penny!


If you are in the market for a great stationary bike that is strong, sturdy, and compact, the Cyclace Exercise bike is worth checking out. The additional features on this bike may be a little sparse, but it makes up for limited features in the overall quality of construction.

This bike provides a challenging ride that is perfect for beginners all the way up to veteran riders and boasts adjustable features and a comfortable seat that holds up quite well over time.

Plus, if you are working with limited space in your home gym, this bike is surprisingly small and compact. With a pair of transport wheels on the base, it’s super easy to move from room to room as needed.

If funds are low and energy levels are high, the Cyclace Exercise bike is one of your overall better options in the budget-friendly category.

The only downside to this powerful machine is that it lacks modern features such as Bluetooth connectivity and an advanced progress screen to track your progress.