Rogue R6 Power Rack Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

rogue r6 power rack

Plates, Barbells, and Bench Press not included but are easily added at store page

The Rogue R-6 power rack is one of the best power racks that are on the market. Of course, since it was made by Rogue Fitness, the quality and efficiency of this equipment is unquestionable. This power rack is specifically geared for athletes that want to train or are currently training at a higher level. This power rack is not recommended for novices or beginners.


The Rogue R-6 Power Rack cannot be assembled alone (many have tried and all failed – it needs two people to be assembled), it comes with an easy instruction booklet and you can completely assemble it in less than an hour. It is so solid and strong that you do not even need to bolt it down. It is a great investment and will become the crown jewel of your garage gym.

Why Buy a Power Rack?

But why choose a Rogue R-6 Power Rack for your gym in the first place? Power racks have unique benefits that only a power rack can provide:

  • When using a power rack you do not need a spotter. This makes things especially useful for those that tend to train alone. With the safeguards being utilized properly you will always have a fail safe. This will prove extremely useful when pushing for one last rep or when you find yourself near exhaustion.
  • With a Power Rack you can exercise any muscle group in the body, in full range of motion. You will never get bored of any exercise routine. You will always have new options with the versatility of a power rack.

What is a Power Rack?

If you are a health buff or a gym nut, it is pretty safe to assume you already know what a power rack is but for the benefit of the novices, I would like to give a bit of an idea on what a power rack is. My first suggestion is to head over to our Power Rack guide and get yourself totally comfortable with some of the models and brands we will be talking about.

A power rack is a piece of exercise equipment which can either be rectangular or cubed shaped, usually made of steel. It might remind you of the frame of a four poster bed. A power rack allows the user to safely and efficiently perform a host of light to heavy barbell exercises. What sets the power rack apart from other exercise equipment is it has sets of pins that can be adjusted so the user can choose the appropriate height for a given exercise.

Another good thing about it is, it has safety catches, a safety feature that prevents the weight from going beyond a certain point and this will certainly help the user if ever he or she loses control of the bar or fail at the bottom of the rep.

So if you are quite serious about getting into gear with muscle building and power building exercises and you want to push yourself to your limit, invest in a Rogue R-6 Power Rack today. The Westside hole spacing not available in other power rack models added a great touch to an already amazing piece of equipment. So don’t hesitate. Order one now!

We have also put together an in depth review for the Rogue R4, a slightly more affordable Power Rack option

Rogue R6 Power Rack

Our #1. Recommendation

​Rogue R6 Power Rack

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