Ironmaster Super Bench Review December 2018

Ironmaster Super Bench Review 2018

updated December 1, 2018

The Ironmaster Super Bench is all that and more. It’s built for serious lifters but great for CrossFitters or anyone intent on getting a complete gymnasium style workout at home.

It’s loaded with features yet reasonably priced, minimalist at first glance but stuffed to the gills with potential, and good looking but all business. The Ironmaster Super Bench is some of the best workout kit you’re likely to find outside the fitness club.

Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable Weight-lifting Bench Review

Ironmaster Super Bench

Trying to fit everything good about the Super Bench into one review isn’t going to be easy; there’s that much that’s right about this piece of workout equipment. But try we will, so here’s our Ironmaster Super Bench review.

  • Versatility - The Super Bench is pretty much the current gold standard when it comes to versatility in weightlifting benches. Start with the multitude of available positions. Add the fact you can use it as a decline bench. Include the fact that angles are adjusted using foot levers and that the seat always retains an appropriate angle to the backrest and you start to get the idea. And we haven’t even talked about accessories yet.
  • Build Quality - The Super Bench feels rock solid in all positions. The relationship to the floor never waivers and at no time will balance be an issue. The superstructure is 12-gauge steel coated to resist scratching and rust. The upholstery is heavy duty vinyl that should hold up through years of workouts and the chrome components are a nice touch. All of the optional attachments are also made of high-density steel and fit into the bench seamlessly.
  • Performance - With all the available angles and attachments there isn’t a muscle group in your body you won’t be able to target with the Super Bench. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 1,000 lbs (twice as much as most similar benches) and an upright capacity of 600 lbs. You also won’t waste any time setting this bad boy up since it ships almost completely assembled.
  • Options - Did we mention this thing can be tripped out to an absurd degree? Well it can. The list of options is where the Super Bench really earns its stripes. While each one will set you back a few extra bucks, the total cost of incorporating all the options won’t make the price prohibitive for most lifters. So go ahead. Pile on the toppings, including the dip attachment, the crunch attachment, the pull up attachment and the leg curl attachment.
  • Setup - As mentioned the Super Bench comes practically ready to go right out of the box. Simply attach the feet and start working out. The different attachments are also a snap to hook up. To top things off the whole apparatus (minus attachments of course) can be slipped into your closet between workouts.

Additional Thoughts

The Ironmaster Superbench comes with a 10 year warranty on the framing and a 1 year on the upholstery. At 74 lbs the bench is easy to move around and it’s even lighter if you detach the incline seat. The Ironmaster Super Bench adjustable weight bench keeps you nice and low to the floor while exhibiting a footprint of only 44” x 18.75”. To learn more about the Ironmaster Super Bench adjustable weight lifting bench and get a good idea of what this incredible bench is capable of check out this Ironmaster Super Bench review video.


Ironmaster Super Bench Review

It’s hard to try and come up with ways that the Ironmaster Superbench could be improved. February be if it had a built in juicer or something like that. Basically this bench when fully tripped out will make you rethink the wisdom of spending money on a gym membership.

Even if you go with the base model described in our Ironmaster bench review above you’re still getting more bench for your money than you may have thought reasonably possible.

On your way of searching for the right weight benches, see more to the Weider Incline Weight Bench series which are built with good quality and versatility. On the other hand, York Barbell Benches are sturdy and affordable. If it is hard to decide, read this article for more weight benches review.

Ironmaster Super Bench Review 2018
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