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EliteSRS Elite Pro Freestyle Speed RopeReview Facts

The simple jump rope may be a staple of playgrounds and gym classes, but that doesn’t mean it’s just for kids. As any CrossFit devotee can tell you, jumping rope for 20 minutes can feel as exhausting and invigorating as running for twice that amount of time. It burns calories, keeps your heart rate on target, and forces your leg and trunk muscles to activate just so you can keep from getting tangled up in the rope. Jump ropes are also portable, one of the most compact pieces of equipment you can buy. And today’s ropes have bearings inside for flawless rotation, as well as being from aerodynamic polymers that won’t drag or leave you disappointed. These aren’t your typical school-issue jump ropes–though they can be just as much fun no matter what age you are.

Let’s take a look at one popular rope. It is the EliteSRS Pro Freestyle Speed Rope. With its 8-inch grip tape handles and adjustable length, the Pro Freestyle is perfect for serious competitors and aspiring double under doers alike. We’ll break down the features, pros and cons, and construction of the rope so you can decide if it’s worth jumping at the chance to own one.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Designed for quick and easy adjustment to fit users of different heights

Handles are almost impossible to damage, and are covered in permanent grip tape

Extra long handle makes fancy moves possible, so you can learn more than the basic jump

Comes in an array of different colors, and cords are easy to change out

Overall weight is very low, but the cord weighs enough to stay aerodynamic

Cord made of PVC for durability, resistance to ground scratches


Weight is much lower than a standard jump rope--takes some getting used to

The long handles are not suitable for a novice and may cause difficulty

Who It Is For

Who It Is For

This rope is designed for comfort and speed. The object of any handheld fitness tool is to make it feel like an extenstion of your body, so you can focus on using it and getting stronger, not keeping hold of the tool or constantly having to readjust positioning. The EliteSRS Elite Pro Freestyle does this in some areas, but will let users down in others. We can explain.

The handles are 8 inches long. This is longer than ropes you may have used in the past. To see what we mean, imagine standing on a gym floor with the handles in your hands and the lowest part of the cord under your feet. Now pull the handles up until they are parallel with each each other and the wall. They should be centered under your shoulders. If you do this with the EliteSRS (assuming the cord is adjusted for your height), the handles will reach the top of your shoulders or perhaps go higher. For a beginner, the ideal length is lower than your shoulders. The extra handle length makes it easier to maneuver the rope for tricks and things, but harder for someone new to get an effective workout. Good rule of thumb--an effective workout starts with 100 uninterrupted jumps.

This isn't to say that beginners shouldn't get the EliteSRS. The learning curve is challenging, but not insurmountable. The ease of adjusting rope length, aerodynamic design, durability, and effective grip surface all make the rope a great choice for any jumper. And the price is hard to beat. We have seen "beginner" jump ropes retailing for between 5 and 8 times as much. If you purchase an EliteSRS, try it for a month or so, then decide it's not for you, you can pass it on to a friend and not feel you are out a lot of money.
Why It Is Different

Why It Is Different

In addition to being long and tapered, the handles are narrow and lightweight. Each one weighs just one ounce. The diameter at the end is .9 inches. All jump ropes are portable, but the lightweight makes the EliteSRS unnoticeable in a gym bag or purse until you are ready to use it. The plastic handles and PVC cord make it impervious to sweat, and the rope won't mind being jostled around inside your bag. The PVC cord is 4mm in diameter, thin enough to cut through the air without tripping you up.

The easy adjustment of cord length is a big draw for this rope. The cord is 10 feet long by default. The EliteSRS website says this can fit anyone up to 6'6"; however, you can still adjust the cord for personal preference. To do so, you simply slide the handle to the length you want, then cut off the excess cord with shears or scissors. That's it. The PVC is durable enough to stay smooth even after being scraped on concrete (this will happen when you start out), but easy to cut when that's what you need.

The handles, too, are almost impossible to break. The grip tape can either match cord color or serve as an accent, depending on color choice. It looks like you can take the tape off and replace it with the tape of your choice, but we're not sure how effective that would be. The new tape might not stay on as effectively. Anyway, the handles will stay in your fists, with or without any kind of glove or hand wrap. It's one of the qualities that make this rope such a good choice for WOD practice.
Who Needs It

Who Needs It

As we've said, this rope isn't ideal for beginners. But "not ideal" doesn't mean you shouldn't try it. We wouldn't want to discourage anyone from purchasing something that can challenge you and increase your fitness levels. If you aren't used to nailing 100 jumps without stopping, just know that it will take some time to get comfortable with this rope. Once you do, we think you'll want to make it a regular part of your regimen.

If you are a veteran 100+ jumper or a double under devotee, we say you'll love this rope and wonder where it's been your whole life. The long handles of the EliteSRS Pro Freestyle Speed Rope help you cut through the air and perform both functional fitness moves and impressive tricks, like side swings, double side swings, and scissors. You'd be hard-pressed to find a rope with a cord that cuts through the air. If you're part of a team, doing performances and competitions, the color choices make it easy to coordinate a look and brand.

As for the "why," the benefits of jumping rope are well documented. A vigorous session can burn over 1,000 calories per hour. The jumping and landing builds leg strength and helps make your whole system more resilient. And even though hitting the ground puts a shock on your system, jumping rope is still a lower impact than running outside on the hard ground. Plus, it's a lot more exciting than walking on a treadmill, with the same or greater heart rate workout. If you typically prefer lifting over cardio, jumping rope is a fast way to get your heart rate up without spending precious time away from the weight pile. It will keep your joints conditioned for effective lifting, too. Jumping rope is good on its own, but may also be the quickest form of cross-training out there.
Durability/Ease Of Use

Durability/Ease Of Use

The EliteSRS Pro Speed Rope is quite durable and will provide service for a long time. A snap-lock keeps the cord part in place, before or after cutting to the desired length. The PVC cord is tough and impervious to kinking. The Elite SRS site calls the plastic handles unbreakable. We're sure you could toss the rope in a campfire or run over it with a dump truck, proving the handles aren't unbreakable after all, but daily use won't cause damage and the handles won't splinter or deteriorate. The resilient nature and low price make this rope a customer favorite, and reviews we found bear that out.
Company Background

Company Background

Elite SRS is a specialty company that makes jump ropes, battle ropes, and slacklines. What is a slackline, you ask? It is a thick flat strap that looks like an aircraft tiedown but without the ratcheting part. You can string the slackline between any two points and walk on it, or perform bodyweight exercises that challenge new muscle groups. Elite SRS also sells clothing, and accessories for jump ropes. Accessories include carrying bags, spools of cord cable, repair kits, and other fun things you have probably never thought much about.

The company's hyper-focus on ropes and lines give you a level of expertise and quality you'd have a hard time finding elsewhere. The Pro Speed Rope comes with a warranty, like all Elite SRS products. And instead of all that expertise costing you extra, Elite SRS keeps prices low to make all their offerings accessible to anyone interested in this form of fitness. We think you'll be happy with any Elite SRS purchase.
The Final Word

The Final Word

The Elite SRS Pro Speed Rope is a good choice for anyone interested in jumping rope, but it may not be the best for beginners. That's because the handles are extra long, and harder to keep hold of when you're starting out. The tapered shape and grip tape handles help with this. If you drop the handles mid-jump, they won't be damaged in the fall. The extra handle length and aerodynamic PVC cord also suit the rope to trick jumpers and those who want to do more than basic jumps. That's because the handles make it easier to maneuver and angle the cord. Adjusting the length and even changing out the cord for a different color is easy and fast. The price point makes it possible for nearly anyone to get one of these ropes and try it out, without a big investment. And if there are any problems, Elite SRS will be happy to help. If you are either an experienced jumper or a novice who can accept a learning curve, this is the rope for you.