Benefits of Crossfit shoes - 15 reasons they are worth the investment

15 Benefits of Crossfit Shoes [& why they are worth the price]

A lot of folks confuse cross training with CrossFit. While it’s understandable the fact is cross training is to CrossFit what a jog is to a marathon. CrossFit often leaves its practitioners totally spent, having pushed their bodies to their physical limits. These extraordinary athletes require shoes that will both perform and last though there are still those who ask “What are CrossFit shoes?” and more who will question “Do I need CrossFit Shoes?"

The reality of CrossFit is that there’s no room in the box for second rate. So with that in mind we answer the question “What are Crossfit shoes?” by presenting 15 of their numerous benefits.

Proper Balance



Whether you’re doing a barbell thruster or burpees balance is an athletic must. Running shoes meant to keep your body in proper balance while jogging are not necessarily going to deliver for you during wall ball.

Greater Safety

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The degree to which CrossFitters push their bodies is unprecedented in the history of the modern fitness movement. Exposing your one and only body to such extreme pressures without the right shoes is like riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

Invaluable Support



Your muscles aren’t the only part of your anatomy that undergoes a stress test during CrossFit. Your joints must receive and handle all the forces created by your muscles. It’s crucial to provide your ankles and knees with proper support.


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Try subjecting a regular jogging shoe to a few weeks of CrossFit and see what happens. Dedicated CrossFit shoes are built to take the pressures of the box and come out the other side in one piece again and again.

Overall Stability

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It’s one thing to achieve proper balance during physical activities, it’s another, and equally important thing, to maintain that balance. That’s called stability. Well designed CrossFit shoes will help you maintain a stable core during all activities.

Effective Use of Resources

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You only have so much to give during any CrossFit workout. But if you’re wearing inappropriate shoes you’re leaving some potential effort on the table. Get the right shoes and access all the energy at your disposal.


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In CrossFit you’ll be expected to jump straight from one activity to another, possibly a totally different type of activity. You must be sure your shoes are up to the challenge.

More Effective Lifting

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Try Olympic weightlifting while wearing jogging shoes. You’ll feel like you’re lifting weights on the beach with half of your energy being absorbed by the soft sand. Get some decent CrossFit shoes and feel the difference.

Fatigue Protection

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Let’s face it. The more fatigued you get during a grueling workout the greater your chance of injury. What are CrossFit shoes? Your ultimate insurance policy against such injuries.

Ankle Protection

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Ankle rolls are an all-too-common and very painful result of lifting with inadequate shoes. Good CrossFit shoes create a proper, stable relationship between your feet and the ground that prevents ankle rolls.

More Effective Use of Time

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Having to break in order to change your footwear takes all the wind out of your sails during a strenuous workout.

Better Workouts

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Are CrossFit shoes worth it? Well, you wouldn’t make investments hoping they only perform to 50% of their potential, why would you set yourself up to only get 50% out of your workouts because you’re using the wrong shoes?

Common Sense


There are shoes for all manner of activity and all kinds of weather. You wouldn’t go ice climbing in rock climbing shoes and wouldn’t go jogging in ski boots. Why would you endure the wide ranging stresses of CrossFit wearing running shoes?

Look Great


Why CrossFit shoes? Because who wants to be feeling spent and looking low rent at the same time?

And Finally: Value

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CrossFit isn’t free. Make sure you get the most out of the money you’re spending on your box membership by wearing the proper shoes.

Final Thoughts: Do I Need CrossFit Shoes?

The CrossFit box is where many people first come face to face with their physical limitations. It’s not a place for the timid or the ill-prepared. Nothing is a more important part of CrossFit preparation than making sure you have the right shoes. Read this article to find out which shoes are the best Crossfit shoes. Next time you find yourself asking the questions “Why CrossFit shoes?” or “Are CrossFit shoes worth it?” remember that shoes are designed for specific purposes all the time and CrossFit is no different.

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If you are looking for shoes that can support real power lifting check out this article as well as this comparison between the Adidas Adipower vs Nike Romaleos 2. We put a lot of time into them and I know you'll enjoy them. If you are flat footed, do not fear! We have just the article for you right here. My wife is flat footed and was a huge help in writing that article.

Crossfit Shoes
15 Benefits of Crossfit Shoes [& why they are worth the price]
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