The Myofascial Release Benefits

updated January 1, 2019

Myofascial release is self-massage techniques designed to help promote better health and muscle function. The myofascial is a network of tissue that covers the whole of our bodies, wrapping around our muscles and organs and helps keep everything in place.

When our myofascial release benefits are healthy, the Myofascial release benefits take the strain we all put on our bodies and distributes the force to help us avoid injuries. So keeping it running optimally is incredibly important. This is where self-myofascial release techniques are used.

By using these techniques for just 10-15 minutes a day you can make a huge difference in how you feel over the myofascial release benefits. Whether you are experiencing repetitive strain pains, post-workout muscle pain, or living with chronic pain due to a medical condition. Self-myofascial release is a simple, yet very effective solution to muscle and joint pain.

There are numerous myofascial release benefits, let’s take a look at some of the more important health benefits and how they can apply to you.

Stimulates Better Blood Flow

blood circulation


There are numerous scientific papers and studies to prove that the myofascial release benefits increase blood flow in the body. It’s not just to the areas of the body being massaged that benefits either, the whole body benefits to a lesser extent.

By using myofascial techniques you can work on knots and tissue damage in the fascia under the skin that may have been restricting blood flow. Improving the flow of blood helps your body to run more optimally. Promoting healthy cell growth and organ function, as well as allowing your body to heal quicker from injuries and fight off infections.

Stimulates Lymph Activity

lymph activity


Our bodies have lymphatic systems that are crucial to our well-being. The lymph system is a network of ducts, nodes, vessels, and organs in our bodies that pass lymph fluid through our tissues and into our bloodstream.

A healthy lymphatic system means a healthier you. The myofascial release benefits massage stimulates and improves the flow of lymph fluid in your body. Meaning you will have more energy, feel great, and strengthen your immune system.

Improves Muscle Function

improves muscle function


It’s normal to build up tension in muscles through bad posture and carrying out repetitive motions for our day jobs. If you don’t message these muscles and their surrounding tissues they become damaged over time.

By self-massaging muscles that are holding tension and developing knots, you release the tension and help the muscle function better. More blood and oxygen can flow into the muscle and your body will be able to repair it.

Reduces Pain

pain relief


Most of us develop some sort of pain in our bodies from our day jobs. Office work can cause repetitive strain injuries, laboring can cause pain in larger muscle groups, and so on.

The myofascial technique is very effective at relieving pain. Just set aside a few minutes each evening after work to massage the areas of your body that hurts and you will reduce the pain considerably, if not eradicate it entirely.

Restores Range of Motion

restores range of motion


Unless you exercise regularly to improve on the range of motion in your muscles you are likely seeing a reduction in motion. Through repetitive daily tasks and muscle-memory, we all experience a reduction in our range of motion.

By performing self-myofascial release you can improve the range of motions in your muscles. This is achieved by breaking up the tightness in the fascia and allowing the muscles to stretch more freely which is one of the main benefits of myofascial release therapy.

Reduces Post-Workout Soreness

reduces post workout soreness


The myofascial release is commonly used by professional athletes to reduce the amount of muscle pain and soreness they experience after working out. If it works for professionals, it works just as well for the average guy or gal working out for recreational purposes.

Muscle soreness the day after working out can be incredibly painful and even stop you working out the next day. By massaging the muscles after working out you stimulate blood flow and give your body a head-start on the healing process and the myofascial release benefits.

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Myofasical release are self-massage techniques designed to help promote better health and muscle function. The myofascia is a network of tissue that covers the whole of our bodies, wrapping around our muscles and organs and helps keep everything in place.