Everything You Need in a Garage Gym for 650$

How much are you currently paying for your gym?

If it's a standard gym I'd imagine 30$-40$ per month? If you're involved with a Crossfit gym you're probably hitting around 150$-200$ per month. These are the estimates I'll use, however from my experience they are likely on the lower end of the spectrum.

If you are looking to save time and money you need to set up a home gym. You can do it right in your garage. For just 650$ (2-3 months of Crossfit) you can have a fully functional, high performance, gym in the comfort of your home.

No more traffic to and from the gym, no more waiting in line for the squat rack, and most importantly - no more excuses. A home gym takes all of the effort of getting to the gym and completely removes it from the situation.

Scroll down to learn more about each product and why we choose them.

Here's what you need:​

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Read full review of Iron Gym pull up bar here.

Extended Long Bar Assembly
SelectTech 3.1 Adjustable Bench
Power Rack Exercise Stand
Olympic Bar

Bumper Plates

Price listed is for 140 lbs total (2 x 45 lb / 2 x 25 lb plates. Adjust your cart as necessary). Read our guide here.

Black Rubber Bumper Plates
Olympic Spring Clip Collars

These items will cover literally anything involved in home fitness. Below, We have gone over some additional products that, while not totally necessary, will make great additions to your garage gym.

Total: ~ 650$.... Time to make it rain?


Some Extra, unnecessary, but helpful equipment you may want to purchase in the future:

KettlebellsOne of the most versatile tools you can have in a gym. Great for cardio and muscle building. I would definitely recommend getting one of these as soon as you can afford it.

Flooring - You can save your floor and your equipment by investing in some garage gym flooring. Your floor and equipment will survive for a few months without flooring but I recommend getting some as soon as you can afford it.

Large Mirrors - Not totally necessary but a great addition to a home gym. The gym won't be officially complete until you get some mirrors!

Cardio Equipment - Depending on the weather where you live this may not be necessary. However, if you live in an extreme weather situation and you can't get outside for a run, cardio equipment is a great addition to your home gym.

Dumbbellsgreat for a ton of exercises, however, your Olympic barbell will likely cover everything that the Dumbbells can. Get these when you have moved past the basic power lifting exercises.

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jim roose

My name is Jim Roose. I'm a former competitive power lifter and gym owner. I've bought millions of dollars of fitness equipment over the last 20 years. This site is my way of giving back to the fitness community that's done so much for me. Every article on here is carefully researched and written by me. Leave a comment if you have any questions.